How to prepare and supplement forn enduro events

USNEnduro events, an adventurous form of motorcycle sport on courses that are predominantly off-road, have become increasingly popular in South Africa’s sports and fitness community.

With the rise of events such as ‘The Roof of Africa’ and the ‘Enduro Series South Africa’,  more people who are seeking an adrenaline rush are looking to get involved with this exciting, high impact and fast-paced type of competition. However, enduro’s are not for the faint hearted, and those who think they have what it takes to participate in endurance sports must prepare properly.

According to professional off-road enduro racer and USN ambassador, Kenny Gilberts, there are many misconceptions when it comes to preparing for endurance events, particularly with regards to supplements. “I often find that enduro competitors load their bodies with anything and everything that they are able to get their hands on. This is not sustainable as your body needs to be managed well and fuelled properly.”

Gilberts notes that one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when supplementing for endurance events is that hydration is crucial. This, along with keeping energy levels sustained and up throughout your race, will also aid muscle fatigue. “Energy levels must not be left fluctuating so it is incredibly important to fuel your body for the entire race, to avoid tiring or slowing down from fatigue.”

“This can be achieved through a combination of fluids along with a selection of supplements that offer a balance of proteins and carbs. Snacking is vital as well, and this is where pre-race preparation becomes a priority – time in the pits is extremely limited,” continues Gilberts.

One of the latest industry developments in this arena comes in the form of USN’s brand new PUREFIT SERIES, which is set to hit SA shelves late in 2014, and will be making its first debut to endurance athletes at the upcoming USN MTB Cup Series. Developed with the finest performance-enhancing nutrients, the PUREFIT SERIES has been designed to keep your system optimally fuelled and recovered. With its natural, lightly flavoured profile, it steers clear of artificial flavourants, sweeteners and preservatives that may negatively affect performance, recovery and adaptability.

For those brave individuals who are  considering participating in endurance events, whether as a hobby or professionally, Gilberts notes that a diverse amount of qualities are needed. “One must have the capacity to ride under strenuous, high-interval situations. I am on the bike from anything between three to six hours non-stop. This means that my overall conditioning has to be of a very high level.”

“I ride my motorbike a lot, which obviously keeps me well prepared for my races. However I do a lot of cross training. I also like to mix things up in the gym by doing solid workouts on the rowing machine.  But my favourite at the moment is the assault (Airdyne bike). I also tend to do sprints on the machines to spike my heart rate and increase my muscle endurance,” says Gilberts.

“A combination of lean and functional muscle mass, along with a high level of conditioning and endurance is required to stay at the top of your game.” Kenny took top honours this season as he clinched the 2014 National Off-road Overall Category Winner, which qualifies him to carry the Number 1 plate for next season. 

About Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) 

USN is a comprehensive and healthy lifestyle nutrition supplement brand. We pride ourselves in being a trusted sports supplement brand with a passion to offer superior products by demanding the absolute highest standard at all times.

Our formulations are based on the latest scientific global research and findings. We develop and provide a wide spectrum of products covering various categories based on physical goals and needs. And, our universal commitment to quality, safety and efficacy, as well as our careful selection of internationally approved, specialist vendors ensures that the USN brand guarantees consistency and superiority to a standard unrivalled in the industry.

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