Holiday safety tips for business owners and employees

adt_a_tyco_business-logoAs we head into the holidays, many business owners may appoint additional employees to support staff during the festive season.

In recent weeks there have been a number of newspaper reports of robberies at businesses in big malls and in smaller complexes. “It is important that owners and employees discuss safety concerns and how to reduce the risk of robbery or theft,” says Martin Kriel, Managing Director ADT Security East Coast Region.

Small retailers are especially prone to losses as a result of shoplifting, burglary and internal theft. Kriel says these safety tips will help protect the business:

–         Have two employees open and close the business in the morning and at night; criminals have been known to force staff inside and get them to open the safe or tills.

–         Always arm the alarm system when the business is closed.

–         Leave till drawers open overnight and at weekends.

–         Do not keep high value items in the window as they are a temptation to smash-and-grab.

–         Install safety glass as a deterrent for burglars.

–         Carefully check bank notes and credit card details; be aware of the buyer’s body language and be suspicious if they appear nervous.

–         Shoplifters often work in teams; one will distract staff while the others take items or open tills.

–         If someone tries to commit a robbery do not try to stop them. They are often desperate and dangerous people, and most carry weapons.

–         If you have CCTV, set it to record 24 hours a day.

–         Keep store rooms locked when not in use and install good quality security gates.

–         Position CCTV cameras towards the door/counter and high-value goods. Install convex mirrors that allow employees to easily observe all corners and aisles.

–         Use electronic tags that cannot be removed by a non-employee without damaging the merchandise.

–         To protect against employee theft, screen all employees before hiring them – it is the best defence against internal theft.

–         Install silent alarms and panic buttons to alert notify police and give them a better chance to catch perpetrators.

–         Work with a security supplier who can offer a tailor-made solution to your security needs. Location, store layout, stock and customer profile make a business unique.

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