Sedgars SWD Cricket League fixtures

SEDGARS LOGOThe preliminary round of the Sedgars Twenty20 league will be concluded this weekend. The top two teams in each of the four pools will progress to the quarter finals that will take place on 7 December. The semi and quarter finals will take place on 10 January 2015.


Sedgars Twenty20 Competition

Pool B:

Union Stars vs Dysselsdorp (09H00), Western Hope vs Bongolethu (12H00), Western Hope vs Dysselsdorp (15H00) Bridgton A
Calitzdorp vs Dysselsdorp(12H00), Bongolethu vs Calitzdorp(15H00),Bridgton B

Reserve League

Bongolethu B vs NMMU B, George B vs Ramblers B, Pacaltsdorp B vs Sussex B


Sedgars Twenty20 Competition

Pool B:
Selbourne vs Western Hope (09H00), Blanco vs Calitzdorp (12H00),
Western Hope vs Blanco (15H00) Bridgton A
Blanco vs Dysselsdorp (09H00), Dysselsdorp vs Selbourne (12H00),
Selbourne vs Calitzdorp (15H00) Bridgton B

Pool D:
George vs Pioneers (09H00), Knysna Cavaliers vs George (12H00),
Kranshoek Cobra’s vs George (15H00) Rooirivier-Rift

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