Evaluating a speech

tccstWatching our leaders delivering their speeches to convince us that we must believe in them sometimes makes me wish that they would sign up with TCC Skills Training for a Public Speaking Course. Maybe then, when they know how, we could start taking them seriously.

I will never believe their promises if they keep reading a speech written by some highly paid employee from a piece of paper.

A speech may be evaluated in terms of purpose, contents and style.  The purpose should be clear, strongly supported by the structurally sound contents and enhanced by an enthusiastic and convincing presentation.

Practical application

  • Practice your speech but don’t memorise it.
  • Be natural, accept and believe in yourself.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to your advantage.
  • Handle media aids effectively. Practice beforehand.
  • Control tension. Everyone suffers from it.  We just have to learn to overcome it.
  • Cultivate confidence through practice.
  • Role-play a situation where you have to sell a product or service to a potential client. 

Test a prepared speech on the following aspects:

  • Attention-getting introduction.
  • Establishing or appealing to a need in the audience.
  • Fulfillment of the need.
  • Visualisation which dramatises the situation in terms of a possible or recommended solution.
  • Action-getting step to ensure audience takes the desired steps. 

So please Sir, Madam next time when you have to address an audience, write your own speech and please, please don’t read it to us.  We find it extremely boring!!  And if you still don’t know how, feel free to contact us.  We cater for all shapes and sizes.

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