Valuing your customers – phrases that arouse anger

tccstThere are numerous phrases that exasperate customers.  If you’re interested in resolving problems and satisfying customers, you’ll avoid these phrases:

  • “You’re going to have to ……”
  • “What did you do?”
  • “Its company policy that ……”
  • “You can’t …….”
  • “You’ll have to talk with ……”
  • “Why are you talking to me about……?”
  • ‘I’m new here.”
  • “That’s really not my department.”
  • “We can’t do that!”
  • “You should have ……”
  • “You must have ……”
  • “That’s not my problem!”

To be successful today, you need a real sense of commitment to the customer at every level.  You need to practice proactive management to prevent internal and external customer service problems whenever possible, and you need to quickly and aggressively solve the problems that occur in spite of your best efforts.

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