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You may be seriously interested in a concentrated catalyst fuel treatment additive called XFT™.  

Our focus is your BOTTOM LINE! There are multiple things that will take away from your bottom line instead of adding to it.

XFT™ offers real solutions and benefits to address high fuel prices and your bottom line! Just imagine what a 15 to 25% NET saving on your fuel bill can do to help your business fund other fixed or variable expenses etc. Add to this the many other huge benefits you will gain financially from using this product!

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Poor fuel quality leading to lower fuel efficiency.

Multiple factors are going unchecked in your fuel, including lower BTUs due to increased percentage of ethanol in fuel, as well as poor fuel quality on imported fuel. Impure diesel fuel is causing problems in a number of modern engines. Prices are high and the blends are poor, causing issues both in performance and increased maintenance.

To get a more holistic and quick understanding of the concentrated power of this product (1 ml XFT treats 10 litres of diesel/petrol), I would strongly suggest that you view this short video Link and read the one-page brochure below:

For years certain large companies all over the world have been saving large amounts of money on their fuel costs and engine maintenance by using XFT.

And now, from Syntek Global, it is available to everyone. It is extremely beneficial for all engines, both at home or on the job.

Applications of XFT: Lawn mowers, cars, pickups, heavy trucks, buses, motorcycles, generators, farm equipment, construction equipment, mining equipment, marine engines etc.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the foregoing.

If after viewing this material about this powerful, needed by all product, you are serious about engaging in the business, let me know and I shall email you with more facts and information.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards

John Hopkins


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