Gumtree to highlight real life success stories

gumtreeSouth Africa’s largest local website,, has kicked off with a brand new campaign highlighting real-life success stories from users. This includes a TV campaign with testimonials and a competition where lucky buyers or sellers could win R50,000.

“The idea came to us organically. Not only do we all use Gumtree in the office, but we are often stopped at events by people who want to share their story,” says PR Manager Estelle Nagel, who shared her experience of using the site on the company blog. “And we know that there are plenty of success stories out there that we haven’t heard yet.”

Gumtree leaves the definition of success up to the customer.  “One lady reached out to us because she was selling her tickets via Gumtree and one of the potential buyers who contacted her was an old acquaintance. They reconnected and are getting married soon – she definitely says that she found her success on Gumtree! But we also want to hear the “ordinary” stories. People who have given up their jobs because they were able to market their small business via the site, or someone who found their dream car or much needed cash at the right moment. Success means different things to different people.”

Dozens of entries were received on the first day, ranging from individuals who sold enough goods to pay for an education, to selling cars…to a couple who firmly believe that they fell pregnant because of a garage clear-out that sponsored a much-needed vacation! “I don’t know if we can take credit for that particular outcome, but I’m glad they managed to sell all their unwanted goods!” says Nagel. “We’ve also received quite a few entries from people who used Gumtree to get them out of a financial pinch, or to supplement their income, which is great to hear.”

The TV campaign flights from the 5th of January 2015 and the competition closes on the 31st of January 2015.

The winning ad will receive R50,000 in cash. Readers can enter by clicking on this link or visiting the Gumtree blog.

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