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WESSADear Friends of the Environment,

please find attached the WESSA Eden February 2015 Newsletter as well as an Invitation to the CANSA Environmental Symposium and the Landmark Foundation Education Summary of activities in 2014.

Our next WESSA Eden event is on Saturday 28 February – frogging in the early evening at the Garden Route Botanical Garden….hop along and see what goes on when the gates are closed!

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WESSA Eden Newsletter Feb 2015

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During this year the education program defined itself more clearly. Its objectives, outcomes and philosophies are being fine- tuned into a sound and sustainable program.

Over the year we have built a strong network of partners through attending various environmental forums such as the GCBR (Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve), WEEDS Forum, By-Laws Forum, GRI (Garden Route Initiative),Water Forum etc… We are active in projects where we collaborate with important role-players from these organisations.

We are involved with various sectors of Education:


National Science Week: 8 days Science fair, Sponsored by Dept of Science and Technology and hosted by Garden Route Botanical Garden.

At this event we had the privilege of presenting conservation talks to approximately:

  • 3000 learners from the ages of 4 to 18 years
  • 1800 members of the public.

This is an annual event.

Creche’s Project, is a FOOD GARDEN initiative for Creches.  We identified 5 crèches and 1 primary across Eden and ran a food garden training with the aim of using the crèches as a centre for change within the community.

Educators: 42

Learners affected: 366


Glenwood House:  We collaborate in various conservation projects such as The Leopard Project, Wetlands Project, Earth Hour Awareness and various other awareness programs and regular talks to learners. We also run 3 programs on the GKC (an 18 day, 550km journey for the grade 10’s)

Glenwood Environmental Society: 31 Learners

Whole school:  446 Learners

GKC: 50 Learners

Pacaltsdorp High: We initiated various outings and activities such as hikes, beach clean-ups, Wetlands Project, Re-cycling Project etc. with their environmental club.

Green Knights: 30 Learners


Oakdale Agricultural School:  This school is an agricultural school in the centre of farming community.  We run a 3 day camp with the Biology class where we engage in Biodiversity and conservation.  The Agricultural Association is made up of learners from grade 9 to 12. Annually we are invited to speak to future agricultural students.

Grade 10’s Life Science:  31 Learners

Landbou Vereeninging: 56 Learners

Educators: 2

We also participated in once-off presentation in conservation to:

York High Enviro Club: 25 Learners

Rundle College: 45 Learners

Holy Cross: 132 Learners


TSiBA is a tertiary institute that serves a previously disadvantaged community.  It provides business and administrative skills to carefully selected candidates who wish to pursue a career in business administration.

This year we designed a program that will enable students to initiate Environmental Clubs or Societies within their communities, schools etc.

The activity of ‘How to start an Enviro Club’ will be integrated in the syllabus.  It will also mean that they will use best environmental practices in the workplace.

First Year CPBA: 40

Second Year HCBA: 40

Educators: 4

EDEN FM RADIO:  The Soup Drive initiative runs for 2 months during the winter season.  We are requested to join the radio team on their visit through the Eden District.  We joined them at a few towns and we are regularly interviewed on radio regarding our work with Leopards.

Listenership: 280 000 per month.

As a point of interest:

FIRST TERM:            9 WEEKS


THIRD TERM:           10 WEEKS


Total                            32 weeks

Monica Vaccaro

Education Portfolio

Landmark Foundation Leopard and Predator Project


083 711 8322

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