Greenpop launches Zambia Festival of Action 2015

PrintGreenpop has just launched their Zambia Festival of Action 2015 and is calling on people to… Branch out and be the change! 

Why Zambia?

Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. After decades of poor land management, slash and burn farming methods, unsustainable logging and tree-cutting for charcoal, Zambia currently has an estimated deforestation rate of 250 000 to 300 000 hectares per year – that’s twice the size of Houston, Texas.

Greenpop has run their annual Zambia Festival of Action in Livingstone since 2012, as a way to draw attention to their ongoing environmental and eco-education project in the area as well a to bring people together from around the world to share knowledge and work together in a conference-style way.

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Through the project and their three annual Festivals of Action, this dynamic social enterprise is making waves across the Zambezi. Their progress over the past 3 years in Zambia includes:

11 176 trees planted, 97 planting days, 24 sustainability workshops,  7 educational wall murals, over 50 handmade solar cookers,  over 10 handmade rocket stoves, 74 Tree Tuesday radio shows, 48 school eco days, 5 community farms, 1 reforestation site, over 500 passionate planters from Zambia and around the world have joined in the 4 Festivals of Action so far.

“We’re not trying to save Zambia. The issue of deforestation in Zambia is incredibly complex and we do not intend to solve it with this project. Instead, we hope to plant a seed with the people we reach that will inspire people to get active about a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. People who come to the Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action come to share knowledge, connect, give back and learn a lot themselves to take back to their countries and make small but necessary changes all over the world,” says Greenpop Director Lauren O’Donnell.

“Speaking for the whole community, we have cut down many trees for fuel. We are grateful to Greenpop for encouraging so many people to plant trees. We hope to spread the message to our friends and neighbours. Planting trees has really helped Livingstone!” says Gilbert Nyambe, Linda Farm School, Livingstone, where 40 trees were planted during an educational workshop at the Festival of Action 2014.

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Get Active!

Greenpop has already started gearing up for their Festival of Action 2015 where the organisation will once again host a variety of sustainability workshops for school children, subsistence farmers, and local and international volunteers and will facilitate the planting of thousands more trees – they are aiming for between 3500 and 4000 trees in 2015.

Last year their Festival of Action saw people attending workshops on permaculture and food forests, alternative energy, green building methods, and recycling and up-cycling. In 2015, Greenpop aims to grow the workshop element of the event and participants can look forward to a host of interesting topics which they will announce early next year, so keep an eye on their website and Facebook page.

“Being at Greenpop’s Festival of Action was transformative. Being in a such a breathtaking setting with such incredible people who all want to make a difference was amazing.” Cesca, Boston, USA – Festival of action participant in 2013.

Earth Fest

Earth Fest is a rocking party with great live music from around southern Africa – it forms part of the Festival of Action. Participants who are there on the right dates are invited to enjoy some fine African beats on Saturday 11 July in Livingstone! Expect live music acts from all over southern Africa, groovy beats from local DJs, interactive presentations on environmentalism and sustainability and a great vibe.

Join the Festival of Action 2015

They have these options:
– Schools Programme (28 June to 5 July) – after the good feedback Greenpop received after taking 3 high school groups on the project in 2014, they have decided to launch a special schools week for 13 to 19 year olds who want to get their hands dirty and experience a learning adventure.
– Festival of Action Week 1 (5 July – 12 July) – all ages welcome
– Festival of Action Week 2 (12 July – 19 July) – all ages welcome
– Festival of Action Both Weeks (5 July to 19 July)

Trees for Fees

Something that has worked really well for participants and for Greenpop in the last 3 years is their innovative Trees for Fees programme. Greenpop developed this to allow people to fundraise for trees through a personal payment portal in order to get the project fees for free (or discounted!) Last year they raised 3205 trees for the project like this – crowdfunding at its best – and over 20 people took part, asking friends and family to gift trees instead of birthdays, event tickets and other occasions. Says Viv Connell, a previous Trees for Fees participant, “It’s quite fun asking people to donate money for trees. One just puts it out there and waits. And then you fall in love with the people who actually DO send tree donations.”

Those who raise 80 trees get 1 week for free.

150 trees is 2 free weeks.

1 tree = ZAR120

To find out more about Trees for Fees, email

Important information

For booking information, prices and detailed brochures, visit or email


About Greenpop

Greenpop is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet. They plant trees and have fun doing it. They plant trees in urban greening and reforestation projects and hosts green events, educational workshops and festivals of action to inspire people to get active about a sustainable future.



Trees for Zambia Facebook Event:

Twitter & Instagram: @GreenpopSA

Call: +27(0)21 461 9265


Videos of Greenpop Zambia: here

Pictures of Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action 2014: here

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