Best Foods for a Clearer Skin

When you glance in the mirror and see skin that could be clearer and healthier, instead of only reaching for quality skin products you need to start investing in skin-boosting foods. Diet plays an important role in keeping your skin nourished from the inside out so it can flourish. What foods clear your skin? Some might surprise you.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock


They’re sweet and delicious, but they also protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation because they contain an antioxidant called melatonin, which helps to block the harmful rays. In addition, this antioxidant enables sunburned skin to repair itself. So if your skin is feeling and looking hot and bothered after being exposed to the sun, eat cherries to encourage new skin cell growth. By protecting you from the sun, cherries can also help to ward off serious skin conditions such as skin cancer. This benefit is increased by their anthocyanins, which give cherries their rich color and are anticarcinogenic.


When a craving for something sweet strikes, reach for dark chocolate. Although you might fear that chocolate can lead to pimples, research has found that dark chocolate keeps your skin better hydrated. This is because its flavanols help to smooth the skin and make it supple. Chocolate also contains an invigorating blend of nutrients, such as Vitamins A and E. It’s worth noting that dark chocolate contains more flavanols than lighter varieties because it has a higher percentage of cocoa solids, so look for chocolate with a greater cocoa content.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Image courtesy of Shutterstock


You know that exfoliating your skin regularly is important to banish dead skin cells so your complexion can be vibrant and healthy, but you might not realise that a great exfoliant is lying right in your fruit basket. Pomegranates benefit your skin through both consumption and topical application. Drink their juice to rid your skin of inflammation and apply it to your face once a week to slough away dead skin cells.

After cutting the top of a pomegranate and scoring its rind in sections, soak it in water for about 10 minutes, then remove the rind and strain its seeds. Add two tablespoons of these seeds to a blender and throw in a cup of uncooked oatmeal which will add extra sloughing action. Apply the mixture to your face for a few minutes before washing it off.


Although it’s smelly, adding some garlic to your meals can help to bid bad skin goodbye. It contains a chemical called allicin which not only gives garlic such a strong taste but is also antimicrobial. By keeping viruses and bacteria away, allicin prevents skin infections as well as acne, making it a great addition to your acne treatment plan. It also has anti-aging benefits because it boosts antioxidants in the body and skin. When preparing garlic, bear in mind that allicin is only activated when garlic is crushed or finely chopped. Once you have done this, consume it immediately as allicin loses its potency very quickly.


Zinc plays an important role in skincare because it produces collagen, one of the skin’s structures that keep it firm and elastic. Oysters contain a large amount of the zinc mineral, which also protects the skin at a cellular level. Zinc helps to accelerate the process of skin cell renewal, which means that new and healthy cells can make their way to the surface of the skin, helping your skin look more gorgeous. By stimulating the work of white blood cells, zinc also helps the body heal itself better and defends it against infection.


You’ve probably heard that fatty fish such as salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that lubricate the skin so that it is better moisturized, but salmon also contains biotin. This B-vitamin actually produces fatty acids and protein that your skin needs to be supple and smooth.

B-vitamins are essential to skin because they improve how the nervous system functions. If you’re lacking B-vitamins, toxins can form in the nervous system, which shows up on your skin. Keep your nervous system working well by consuming B-vitamins and your skin will thank you by looking healthy and beautiful in return.


When choosing foods that are good for your skin, look at their color. The bright orange color of mangos is a sign of their pro-Vitamin A content which gets transformed into Vitamin A by the body so that it can keep skin youthful and hydrated. But mangos also contain 40 percent of your daily Vitamin C requirements, which helps to keep your skin smooth as well as give it a glow. A study found that middle-aged women who ate more Vitamin C-rich foods displayed less skin dryness and wrinkles. This is because Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals that can lead to skin damage.

Turn your kitchen into your beauty specialist by eating more of the foods that make your skin look good. The bonus is that you’ll also be giving the rest of your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

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