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biz-communityNative video and video app-install ads now available

Today more than ever, consumers are showing they love engaging with digital video across their devices. Whether it’s the latest highly anticipated movie trailer, a video from a friend on Snapchat, or binge watching Community, consumers are taking advantage of all the new ways they can watch videos, no matter what device they’re using at the moment.

At Yahoo we fundamentally believe that digital advertising should be as delightful and engaging as the best content on the web. We also understand that marketers have a number of goals across their different campaigns – and we think they should be able to benefit from the value of video no matter what they’re trying to achieve, from brand awareness to app installs, which is why I’m thrilled to announce these two new powerful formats to help advertisers reach their audiences: native video and video app-install ads.

With native video ads, we’ve combined two of our most engaging formats so that brand content can be as compelling as video, while also being beautifully integrated into the other experiences on our homepage, digital magazines and apps. And it works – when we conducted a test with an advertiser, we found that viewing native video ads on Yahoo increased brand favorability up to 50 percent, and purchase intent up to 28 percent.

For marketers and developers looking to drive installs, we’re now offering a format that combines the engagement of video and the performance of install ads. Add to that formula the unmatched targeting capability of Yahoo and Flurry Persona data to reach just the right mobile users and it’s no surprise Yahoo’s app install video ads see an 89 percent completion rate, and users acquired have up to 43 percent more app sessions than average.

Our partners at Zynga have seen incredible success with video app install ads. “Flurry, and now Yahoo, video app install ads have brought us high quality installs and highly engaged customers,” said John Dionisio, Sr. Director Performance Marketing at Zynga. “We rely on them for both new game launches and sustained, profitable install campaigns.”

I couldn’t be happier to announce these new video formats for advertisers right before our NewFront event, where we’ll be showing the world even more of what Yahoo has planned in video. I hope to see you at Lincoln Center next week! In the meantime, reach out to your Yahoo or BrightRoll representative to discuss how you can use our latest video formats to achieve your goals, or visit to get started right away.

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