Take the security challenges out of selling a home

adtSellers and agents should take precaution as they prepare for and host show houses. An open day is a great way to introduce a property that is for sale to prospective buyers. However it does present serious safety concerns for whoever will manage the show-house.

“While one cannot plan for every eventuality, it is important that the seller and agent discuss any security concerns either may have,” says Adrian Good, General Manager: Subscriber Coastal, ADT Security. Good has the following advice for sellers and agents:

Ahead of the show day:

  • Meet with your agent. Be firm about the arrangements you want in place to safeguard your property and to ensure their safety.
  • If someone will stand-in for your agent on show day, insist that you meet them and explain the safety arrangements to them as well.
  • Inform your security company that your home will be on show. Ask them to have armed response stop by randomly during the open-house to check that everything is in order.

On the day:


  • Lock away any spare keys (for entry and exit doors or the garage) and other valuables that are small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag; or take them with you.
  • Store large, expensive items in a cupboard that locks.
  • Make sure rooms are well-lit by keeping the blinds or curtains open and, where necessary, the lights on.


  • Encourage viewings on show day “by appointment” only. This way, groups of visitors will be easier to handle.
  • Consider having an assistant on the day who can receive prospective buyers while you are taking others around the property. If possible, position your assistant near the front door or a front window so that they can write down the make, model and registration numbers of viewers’ vehicles.
  • If you are alone, never leave the front entrance to the house open while you are showing the home.
  • Don’t be shy to ask that your visitors stay with you throughout the viewing; this could avoid a situation in which someone wanders off unsupervised.
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