Can you afford to retire?

Andries du Toit
Andries du Toit

The Wealth Corporation’s free retirement seminars provide key insight to being financially sustainable during the golden years

In an ideal world, each person would begin planning for their retirement from the day they start earning a paycheque. However, for many reasons, this is seldom the case.

For some, this is because they don’t feel they are in a financial position to start saving and investing and they decide to delay saving. Others are daunted by the number and magnitude of the decisions that go hand-in-hand with financial planning and they therefore postpone the process.

For many people, the reason is simply that it is challenging to imagine ourselves in the future and for that reason we prioritise the now. The fact remains that the decisions you make today are the same ones that determine your future.

Today, many retirees face a standard of living in retirement that is very different from the one they enjoyed while working because they suddenly find themselves in a stage of life that they never really imagined they would reach.

Whether you are at the peak of your career or approaching retirement, retirement-readiness is something everyone should take cognisance of. Following on from the success of their inaugural retirement seminars in 2014, The Wealth Corporation will be hosting a series of retirement-readiness seminars in Durban, Sandton, Pretoria and Durbanville between 8 and 11 June 2015.

“The seminars are focused on helping people to ask the right questions about their future so that they are able to make more informed decisions regarding their retirement,” says Andries du Toit, The Wealth Corporation CEO.

“Through the seminars, we aim to create awareness around the financial, practical and emotional aspects of retirement planning, as it is only by knowing what tomorrow holds that you can truly welcome it.”

The speakers for the seminars this year include Australian-based financial advisor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kevin Bailey, who will address the journey from success to significance. Tax expert and Advocate Tony Davey will look at the changing regulatory landscape. The Wealth Corporation Director and industry veteran Peter Nieuwoudt will speak on behavioural finance in retirement and the necessity of regularly reviewing and sticking to your plan.

About The Wealth Corporation
The Wealth Corporation was founded in 2001. Since then, they have experienced considerable growth and gone through many changes, including the establishment of a national footprint and their partnership with Citadel in 2012. They have a proud history as being thought leaders in the industry, developing best practice in client service and advice processes and leading by example. Their advisory solution offers a complete view of the retirement planning and management process, looking at all aspects of financial and personal well-being. This process is called Integrated Insight.  

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