Book Review: “Make It Real” by Vuzo Adeleke

111What could possibly go wrong in a house presided over by a doting father and a loving mother?

Adeleke Vuzo Make It Real

In Make It Real, by Vuzo Adeleke, we can see the kind of stigma people pay for after going through childhood scarred for life by physical, mental, and sexual torture from the people relied upon to look after them.

Despite being blessed by an almost perfect set of parents, the author describes the silent horror of living in a house with a vicious nanny and a perverted Christian minister. No wonder then that it took a momentous development in her life before she could regain the trust and the mind to gain the life befitting her own outlook.

Make It Real shows us what could go wrong in a typical upwardly mobile, aspiring family, and the latent effects of sinister people upon what could be our own children.

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