What are the benefits of being emotionally intelligent?

tccstThere are several benefits of being emotionally intelligent:

  • You gain emotional awareness that enables you to recognize your own feelings.  You know the difference between feelings and behaviour and what their origin is.
  • It is possible for you to find a balance between expressing and controlling feelings.
  • There is a balance between your thoughts and feelings.
  • You realize that you are responsible for your own feelings.
  • You have empathy with the feelings of others and can understand them.
  • Your improved communication skills give rise to healthier relationships with others.
  • You have the skills to assert yourself.  You provide for fulfilling your needs without intruding into the right of others.
  • It is possible for you to formulate goals that make your life interesting and make you more effective.
  • Emotional baggage can be left behind while your increasing energy makes it possible for the “new you” to strive towards new ideals.

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