January tourism stats show dip

Daily-SA-Tourism-Update-Logo-croppedInternational tourism to South Africa has experienced an almost 10% dip, according to arrival stats published by Statistics SA.

In January, overseas arrivals dipped 9% from 203 604 in 2014 to 184 864 in 2015. These arrival figures exclude transit figures.

The US showed a significant decline, with arrivals down 6% from 20 840 in January 2014 to 19 587 in January this year. Germany, SA’s second largest market also showed decline, with a 5% drop from 25 165 to 23 792. Arrivals from France and The Netherlands were also down.

However, some traditional markets showed growth, if marginal, with travel from the UK up 1.5% to 39 776.The UK remains South Africa’s largest source market.
Emerging markets were hardest hit, with travel from China down 51% year on year. In January 2014, SA saw 10 104 arrivals out of China but this figure was down to 4 885 this year. Brazil showed a dip of 38%, while India showed a dip of 9%.

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