Johannesburg Entrepeneur Shares Wisdom in New Book

guest-postTo become or to be an entrepreneur is not a light undertaking. It will break some or make others, but to Johannesburg author Trevor K. Whittaker one thing is clear- you should know your suitability for the task before you take the leap.

Drawing on his extensive business knowledge, in his new book Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 Trevor K. Whittaker shares ten essential ‘secrets’ that the would-be entrepreneur and the existing entrepreneur should know and understand before starting or progressing in his or her own business.

From passion to goal-setting, Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 urges the reader to participate in a close self-examination that will ultimately reveal whether the reader has what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. If the reader falls short it also provides ways to improve. A must read for those taking the step into business and those that have already taken the plunge.

Trevor K. Whittaker is a successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He currently lives with his wife Sunly-Ann in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has two sons, Donovan and Ricky and three beautiful daughters, Kristen, Natasha and Shamarie.

Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 will be released on 30th June 2015, and is available to purchase from

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