Making dreams come true

addabitNext month is National Savings Month and now more than ever consumers need to consider their spending trends and saving habits. With perfect timing, an exciting new platform called ADDaBIT™ has been launched to combat the difficulties around saving for your child’s education, necessary items or simply gifts that would make their dreams come true. A first of its kind, ADDaBIT™ offers a fresh take on saving made simple.

“Essentially ADDaBIT™ uses crowd-sourcing principles to collate funds towards a child’s dream,” explains Michael Griffin, CEO. However, with ADDaBIT™, the ‘crowd’ is made up of friends and family. “Instead of excessive birthday and Christmas gifts that have little meaning or are simply bought to provide a gift, we share the recipients’ wanted list, giving investors the opportunity to contribute towards something meaningful that is really needed or wanted. Simply put, we make dreams come true”.

Subscribers sign up and create a fund for a beneficiary and then invite investors to contribute to that specific fund. You are not limited to having only one fund but are able to, for example, establish a fund for your child’s birthday for their BMX, Ipad or jungle gym as well as a long term fund for private schooling, college tuition, a first car or any other future gifts, goals or opportunities.  As the fund grows, ADDaBIT™ updates it showing the amount and percentage invested towards your target amount. This innovative and secure platform has no penalties and no minimum payments making it an attractive tool for investors to add funds as and when they can. “It is very quick to set up and your money earns market-leading interest in an Investec fund,” said Griffin. “We want to be the change that starts a world of brighter futures!

“We believe that less is more. And our aim is to challenge current behaviour. Instead of excess gifts that serve no purpose, let’s be strategic and spend on what is truly wanted,” concluded Griffin.

Simply put, ADDaBIT™ is an easy-to-use, social saving platform that solves the problem of what to buy, eliminates waste and encourages a culture of saving, something that is sorely needed.

ADDaBIT™ makes dreams come true.

ADDaBIT™ is an easy to use, safe and secure, social saving platform that allows you to create a fund for a beneficiary and invite friends & family worldwide to contribute towards making their dreams come true. Long term funds earn market leading interest while allowing you to contribute as and when you can. Simple Social Saving changes possibilities, changes the future.

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