Book Release: Employment Relations Management – Back to Basics: A South African Perspective

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Emploment Relations Management – Back to Basics: a South African Perspective recognises the importance and value of effective employment relations to provide a competitive edge in South African organisations.

It offers readers a fundamental and holistic overview of employment relations as an integrative and modern concept for human resources management, industrial relations and labour relations.

Most importantly the book can be used as a sustainable frame of reference in optimising your workforce. This new title is a ‘must have’ resource for academics, trade union officials and professionals alike.

Key Practical Aids

  • Provides a quick and definitive reference work specific to the South African environment.
  • Includes easy-to-use preparation guidelines.
  • Includes index for easy referencing and research.

Download a copy of the Employment Relations Management – Back to Basics: A South African Perspective opinion piece in which our authors discuss “Why it is essential to have an information resource specific to the South African labour perspective?”

In a global village characterised by competitiveness founded on cost efficiency, product quality, and productivity, out-of-control politically inspired labour unrest will have disastrous consequences for the national economy of South Africa. Read more…

ISBN: 9780409121773
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