Life cover vs Death Income

1With a combination of Hollard Life’s Life Cover and Death Income, you are provided with cover for the settling of debt and the managing of monthly expenses. By paying a lump sum and a monthly income to your nominated beneficiaries, the financial worry and the burden for the family left behind are reduced.

Our Life Cover benefit pays out a lump sum to your beneficiaries when your client dies and helps the family with the immediate expenses they face following the death of the life insured e.g. home loans and cars.

Let’s take Mark for example:

Mark is 30 years old, married to Mary and earns R30 000 per month. Mark knows that in the event of his death, they’ll have R1 million worth of commitments and that they need R30 000 a month for Mary’s living expenses.

Mark has three options:

Option 1: A single traditional lump sum benefit (life cover) for R5 700 000 (R1 million for his debt and R4 700 000 to be invested to provide a monthly income)

Option 2: A traditional lump sum benefit of R1 million for his debt and a Death Income benefit of R30 000 per month for 24 months

Option 3: Two separated Death Income policies. One consisting of R12 000 per month to service the R1 million debt, and a second policy of R30 000 to provide income to his family.

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