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111Servers with Style: 8 ways a Butler in the Buff will make your bachelorette party unforgettable! 

Here we go ladies! If you’re planning a special event and want to add the perfect cheeky twist – Butlers in the Buff have arrived in South Africa to cater for all your party needs! These gorgeous, chivalrous men will answer the door, serve drinks and canapés, host party games, and even do the dishes! All wearing nothing but a bow tie, collar cuffs and the now famous bottom revealing apron! Here are 8 reasons to book a scantily clad butler over the traditional male stripper.

  1. He plays games…

Lets be honest, bachelorette party games can get a bit stale after a while, add a cute guy in nothing but a bowtie and an apron, and you and your friends will be entertained for hours!  Whether you need our charming, innocent just a little cheeky butlers to facilitate prizes, quiz the group, or act as a live model to dress up, they have got you (partially) covered.

  1. He makes a seriously good looking party host!

Your butler can be one very attractive party planner that will ensure that you and your friends can enjoy your party without any worries, just sit back and allow yourself to be spoilt and pampered while sipping on a cocktail admiring his handiwork.

  1. He is you own personal model!

What’s better than adding a little eye candy to all your fun, memorable, hilarious party photos, which will last for a lifetime? And the cherry on top; they all make pretty great photographers. They can be the good looks behind the camera taking millions of fun exciting shots of you and your gals, capturing all the special moment between you and your friends.

  1. Add the prefect element of surprise!

Everyone deserves a little bit of a surprise, how better than a dashing butler for your best friend or sister, your butler could hide and pop out just at the right moment. Remember to have your cameras ready to capture her reaction.

  1. They mix tasty cocktails and serve food!

Who can say no to a charming man who knows the way to a ladies heart with yummy cocktails, you’ll be drunk in love with your butler’s creative concoctions. Hungry? No problem! Your butler will carry trays of appetisers, serve you table side or even spoil you ladies with a braai.

  1. Moms love them!

Our charming, innocent, just a little bit cheeky butlers are sophisticated, trained professionals, they are sure to the charm the pants of any one… even moms! These boys know how to mingle and make anyone feel special. I bet mom will be the first to request a group photo.

  1. He even helps clean up!

And it just keeps getting better, not only are they stunning, charming, out-going butlers but they are also well mannered gentlemen that will clean up, making sure everything is tidy while you continue to enjoy yourself with your friends. No worries your butlers has everything under control.

  1. Available in all major cities of South Africa – Our butlers can be pre-booked for any special occasion in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein!


For more information contact Kobus Du Toit on 0861 114 945 or email

  • Butlers earn R250 an hour plus travel costs
  • Rate to book a butler – R495 per butler per hour and travel from nearest city
  • High photography available on request
  • To book a Butler in the Buff call 0861 114 945
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