What are YOU doing for World Rhino Day? How about a challenge?

Any regular internet user will have seen Harlem Shakes, Bucket Challenges and people turning into LGBT rainbows. These fads come and go. It is time one such fad benefits our iconic rhino.


Poaching levels are at an unprecedented high. Conservationists and task teams are grappling with the scourge and are under constant strain from a lack of funding and support.

Unless we change the status quo, our rhino wildlife heritage could become extinct in as little as ten to fifteen years.

This is the game changer!

As part of the build up to World Rhino Day, we have launched a simple, yet FUN initiative. It works as follows:

Either you donate $5 to a rhino conservation fund OR you paint your nose red and challenge five others. They then have 48 hours to accept your challenge and must either donate $5 dollars or paint THEIR noses red and nominate another five people to do the challenge.

A challenge is only considered complete once proof thereof has been posted on our Facebook event which can be found here.


The challenger must be notified as well as the five nominees.


“Thanks Tina for nominating me for the #WorldRhinoDay challenge. I have painted my nose red to raise awareness for our rhino. I hereby challenge Bart, Andre, Claire, Suzette and Karlien to either donate $5 dollars to rhino conservation or paint their noses red and post the proof on this event page. You have 48 hours to complete the task. Do you accept my challenge?”

You can challenge as often as you wish. You can challenge on all social media platforms, but remember, the challenge is only considered complete once proof is posted on the event page. The reason for this is to grow the event faster.

Challenge businesses, schools, clubs etc. Invite all your friends to the event.

Let’s do this!

People who do NOT accept the challenge are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem. Fighting apathy is half the battle. 

That said, you have 48 hours to complete the task. Do you accept my challenge?

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