Jade & Velvet invites you to the ‘Fast Forward to a New You’ charity Brunch.

333Venue: Skilpadvlei, Stellenbosch on 5 September 2015, 09h30 for 10h00.

Cost: R 250 (includes breakfast, fashion parade, live music and various speakers)

Tickets: 061 277 1983 or email ice@choclatelace.co.za

Tickets also available at Jade & Velvet stores in Somerset Mall and Tygervalley.

‘Fast Forward to a New You’ is a celebration of springtime with MC Helene Truter (Tannie Poppie van Vetkoekpaleis); featuring a host of exciting speakers, as well as a performance by popular musician  Gerald Clark. Participants can look forward to a fun-filled morning of entertaining and informative talks on health, beauty and wellbeing by industry specialists. Speakers include Ina Viljoen from the Faith Fund, Dr Nardus Le Grange from Aesthetics and Riaan Heinse from Heinz Hair and Beauty Salon.

In the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation of Springtime, fashion retailer Jade & Velvet is hosting the ‘Fast Forward to a New You’ brunch to raise funds for the FASt Forward Fund – a charity initiative that provides support for children who suffer from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Fast Forward focuses on providing equestrian therapy for youngsters suffering from the effects of the illness.

Horse riding has been proven to be excellent form of therapy for individuals with special needs. It improves balance, posture, muscle tone and joint flexibility, as well as developing attention span, reasoning, memory and other cognitive functions. By working with programmes like Equitots, the FASt Forward Fund gives FAS-sufferers access to this excellent form of therapy.

Well known musician Gerald Clark, who will also be performing at the brunch, decided that he would like to give back to the community and has found a way to do this through his work with Fast Forward: “I observed the amazing results of the interaction between horses and the FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) children. The one little girl, Abigail, stood out for me in particular. Abigail was born prematurely and was so heavily affected by FAS that the doctor predicted she would never be able to walk. I was there during a session when she was put on a horse and within a few minutes I could see her orientating herself and getting interested in her surroundings. The other day I saw her running around, dancing and laughing; she is now three years old and only four months behind the developmental phases of a normal child.”

Emma Weitzel, Facilitator and Equine Specialist at Equitots, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning, explains why this therapy is so helpful for FAS children:

“Kids with emotional and behavioural issues can be difficult to work with in therapy. Most of them are slow to trust adults, and may be unwilling to trust anyone at all. In addition, if the emotional or behavioural issues are caused by abuse, the child could be angry and prone to emotional outbursts. There are several aspects of cognitive/equine assisted therapy that work well with these kids. One of the simplest aspects is diversion. When a young person is focused on grooming, feeding, or exercising a horse, his focus is no longer on his own issues and problems. Far from being a “means of escape”, caring for the horse provides an often-needed respite for the person’s emotions and intellect. It can actually help the person feel refreshed and energized because the mind has been allowed to “rest” from its current problems. 

In order to properly care for a horse, new skills have to be developed. The process of developing these skills can help kids who are especially impatient, anxious, or have low self-confidence. A child’s responses to the horses can also provide excellent insight into the child’s opinions of self and of others, especially authority figures. By teaching the child how to work with and communicate with the horse, the therapist will be indirectly teaching the child how to apply these same skills in inter-personal relationships.”

The Jade & Velvet team looks forward to welcoming you at Skilpadvlei on 5 September!

*If you unable to attend, but would still like to make a contribution towards the FASt Forward Fund, Contact us (ice@choclatelace.co.za) to find out how.

To view the venue, Skilpadvlei, on Google Maps, click here.

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