Greenpop Celebrates Arbor Month this September

greenpopWith Arbor Month, the World Forestry Congress in Durban, and Greenpop’s 5th birthday, September in South Africa has never been greener!

What is Arbor Month?

Celebrated since 1983, Arbor Month brings South Africans of all ages together every September to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees. During the course of the month, eco-education and tree planting take centre stage.

This year, Greenpop is branching out and celebrating by presenting talks on sustainability to high schools all over the country, attending the XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban, planting trees at 10 different schools and community organisations in Cape Town, running a tree planting day as part of the Hogsback Festival of Trees in the Eastern Cape, and encouraging their supporters to get active for the environment!

Greenpop attends the World Forestry Congress

Lauren O’Donnell, Greenpop’s managing director, attended the XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban from 7 to 11 September. She shares her thoughts,

“Being at the World Forestry Congress was inspiring but I also left with questions. I was motivated by being in a place where the world’s forests – the lungs of our planet – took centre stage. There was a sense that all attendees – from heads of state and economists, to scientists and researchers – agreed that protecting forests is paramount for our survival on this planet. I saw how many other organisations and individuals are working to bring forests and people closer together and ensure that the resources from our forests are distributed fairly. Innovation in this space is also incredibly exciting with monitoring technologies and new forest products emerging.

However, despite all of the inspiration, it felt as though the majority of the conversation focused on using our forests to produce more for the growing population. There was less of a focus on reducing consumption and engaging in meaningful dialogue around human consumerism and the effects our daily choices are having on the world’s forests. It was said that if we continue to consume at the rate we are going, we will need 2 planets to sustain us by the year 2030 – and with that in mind, I was left wondering why there wasn’t more of a balanced dialogue between production and consumption. I believe many people left feeling the same.”

Greenpop: 5 Years and Counting…

The last five years have been an incredible journey for Greenpop. They have planted almost 60000 trees and, in the process, expanded their network, crossed borders, bridged divides, and forged connections. In their words,

“Trees will always be our first love. After all, a world without trees would be a world without bird songs, ideal picnic spots, spring water, tree houses, places to breathe deeply… and avos! But over the last five years, we have realised that the physical benefits of trees pale in comparison to their symbolic significance. The act of placing a sapling in the ground has the power to bring people together, to (re)connect us with nature, to inspire hope. The thing is, you can’t plant a tree if you don’t believe in the promise of tomorrow. And isn’t that what living sustainably is really all about?”

Greenpop Launches The Active Citizen

As a means of providing further environmental education, inspiration, and support for their audience, this month Greenpop launched a new project: The Active Citizen. This bi-monthly newsletter is a compilation of fresh green news and ways to get active (not anxious) for the environment. In addition to a short update on Greenpop’s latest activity, readers can expect to see volunteer opportunities, environmental articles and videos, recipes, how to guides, DIY tutorials, and green product recommendations.

Sign up to receive The Active Citizen here.

4 Ways to Celebrate with Greenpop

  1. Attend the Hogsback Festival of Trees (24 – 27 September)

Join Terra-Khaya and Greenpop in the Eastern Cape to plant trees, learn, boogy the night away with local musos and DJ’s, eat well, attend environmental workshops and experience the beauty of Hogsback. They will plant thousands of trees and expand the enchanted Yellowwood forests in the Amathole Mountains – home to the endangered Cape Parrot, Samango Monkey and other endangered species. By rehabilitating the wattle-invaded land and planting indigenous trees in this unique cloud sanctuary, they will be fostering biodiversity the threatened forests and adjacent grasslands. Tickets and more information here.

  1. Join the DIRTy Selfie Campaign

This Arbor month, Greenpop challenges you to get DIRTy in the great outdoors, share a DIRTy selfie on social media, and donate towards tree planting projects across Southern Africa. Find more information here.

  1. Support Yoga for Trees

This Arbor month, to celebrate trees, connection, and all things zen, fabulous yoga studios across South Africa are joining the Treevolution! Each of the participating studios have a unique SnapScan code you can use to donate money to trees at the end of your class.

Participating studios: Yoga Life, The Source, Hotdog Yoga, The Shala, AIR Yoga, YogaSpirit, Yoga Experience, Yoga Renew, Inner Wellness Studio, and Yoga Sanctuary Glenashley.

  1. Make your Coffee Count

This September, in honor of Arbor month, Greenpop is tapping into the Cape Town coffee culture and the epic shops all around town are joining the treevolution! Show your support by getting your daily cup o’ joe at one of the participating shops and use the unique SnapScan at their shops to donate to trees!

Participating shops: Bean There, Empire Cafe, Crush, Delux Coffee, El Camino, Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, Jason, Tribe Coffee, and Truth Coffee Roasting.

Additional Information

About Greenpop

Greenpop is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet. They plant trees and have fun doing it. They plant trees in urban greening and reforestation projects and host green events, educational workshops and festivals of action to inspire people to get active about a sustainable future.



Twitter & Instagram: @GreenpopSA

Call: +27(0)21 461 9265


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