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farmfreshdirectHello October! Can you believe it is already October, I think this has to be the fastest year I have ever had! What a start we had too with some epic rains on Wednesday, I have to be honest I was a little scared when I was out on the road driving and there were quite a few new rivers appearing in the streets!  The very next day and the weather was stunning once more!  When I arrived in George 2 years ago someone told me about the “four seasons in one day” theory they had for George and I can now truly relate! On Thursday we got up to heavy rains (at 3 in the morning) and it was really quite cold then at about 9am it was still cool but beautiful sunshine around 11am it was super warm so all I was waiting for was some snowfall at about 4pm to round it all off!!  I am now a master in the art of “Layering” ha ha ha.

This weekend Johannes and I had a jam packed weekend with a trip to Plett on Saturday morning, a wedding in Knysna on Saturday afternoon and then the launch of the new venue for our Church on Sunday at Outeniqua High School!  So we have been running all over this beautiful area seeing people and doing things, but most of all we have been enjoying the Garden Route, what a magical place we live in!!

Last week we saw many new people join the list for deliveries and we are so excited that we are growing!  Thank you to everyone who has been tagging us in their Facebook posts we really appreciate it all!  And everything looks so much nicer in your kitchens than I could ever imagine!!  Keep the tagging coming!

This is my last African Soil Newsletter for a whole month!  I am so excited to be going home for my best friend’s wedding, and I think this may be the last UK trip I have for a while, so I am going to make the very most of it!  Whilst I am away there will still be business as usual as I am able to work remotely with the newsletters and new products so don’t worry things will stay the same with Johannes and Jaun taking over the reins whilst I am away!  I am going to be on the hunt for new European trends so that we can get some wonderful new ideas for our area.  When I get back we will be in full steam for the Christmas break and I can’t wait!

As usual please contact me at any time with regards to new items, recipes or blog posts and especially if you know of any Organic products out there that we don’t already have on the site.  Also please always feel free to contact me with any feedback be it good or bad as I need to know what is going on with the products to ensure that you receive the best possible items we can get, for those of you who have already contacted me in the past I truly appreciate it!

New this week……

Last week we had a bumper, record-breaking amount of new products to add and so this week we thought we would take a breather so you can take advantage of everything that we added last week!

Please let us know if you have something in particular you would like us to add as we are always on the lookout for new and exciting things!

This week’s Blog!!

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with this week’s blog and so I thought I would remind ourselves as to why we should eat seasonally.  At Farm Fresh not only are we health geared, locally amped but we are seasonal eaters too and that is such a massive driving force for our company.  Mother Nature lets things grow at different times as we need them in our bodies at different times so please remember that when we are looking for blueberries in August!  I hope you enjoy!

This week’s Recipe

As we introduced Dukkah to the site last week I thought I would give you all a few ideas on how to use it!  It is such a delicious herbal spice and everyone should give this flavour explosion go!

Dukkah, the crumbly Middle Eastern spice mix, is making its way into mainstream recipes and blogs these days, and for good reason: it lends a nice, slightly salty crunch to everything from bar nuts and baked pitas to grilled chicken and roasted fish. But without breaking out a cookbook, how best to use it at home?

There are many different ways to use dukkah in the kitchen, and I’d encourage you to try making a few batches of your own at home to see how, exactly, you prefer yours (for instance, I love mine pretty heavy on sesame seeds with a good hit of salt).

Once you’ve mastered your own favourite dukkah, there are a number of great ways to use it in the kitchen:

  1. Fold it into your favourite hummus or dip.
  2. Sprinkle it on flatbread with a little olive oil and bake until crispy.
  3. Scatter it on top of fried eggs in the morning.
  4. Stir it into whole grains or pasta dishes for a different take on quick lunch or dinner.
  5. Toss your favourite roasting vegetables with a generous spoonful of dukkah and olive oil and roast until crispy and fragrant.
  6. Whisk into your homemade jar of salad dressing for a different take on a familiar flavour.


This week a faithful Farm Fresh customer contacted me about packaging.  This is something which is on my heart this year, we all need to revert to paper bags and recyclable materials so watch this space for improvements in that field from us! In the mean time we do what we can so please purchase your Farm Fresh Direct cotton Bag for life to start eliminating the plastic bags out there and also thank you so much for all the egg boxes!!  Each week we have some massive smiles from our egg farmers as they receive their weekly gift of egg boxes back!!  So from Rudy at Grace like Rain, Aleda from Kings, and Lindy from Red Barn THANK YOU!!

Farm Fresh Direct

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