Farmfresh Direct: Greetings from Great Britain

farmfreshdirectHappy Monday to all you amazing Farm Freshers out there!!!  I hope you will excuse the short version of the newsletter this week as I am home in the UK and am writing this after a very busy weekend!!  I don’t want you to think I am neglecting you so don’t worry we will be back to normal again next week!

My flights home were definitely an experience after being delayed in George for 3 hours and only just making my connecting flight!  But every cloud has a silver lining as I was able to spend some time with some extremely amazing and loyal customers whilst at the airport!  Thank you John, Carol and Jude for the cup of tea and being there to calm me down!!!

Then this weekend I was so lucky to spend the day with my longest friend and help her on her amazing wedding day, and what a day it was!  The wedding started at 10.30 in the morning and I was finally getting into a cab at midnight after some serious dance moves!  The wedding was very English and I felt so blessed to be surrounded with some wonderful friends.

Next week Johannes is coming too and so we will have a lot more to tell you and I am hoping to research some European food trends to share with you all, in the meantime though I am so sorry for the short newsletter and I will promise to give you some more information and exciting news next week!!  Hope you all have an amazing week!

As usual please contact me at any time with regards to new items, recipes or blog posts and especially if you know of any Organic products out there that we don’t already have on the site.  Also please always feel free to contact me with any feedback be it good or bad as I need to know what is going on with the products to ensure that you receive the best possible items we can get, for those of you who have already contacted me in the past I truly appreciate it!


This week a faithful Farm Fresh customer contacted me about packaging.  This is something which is on my heart this year, we all need to revert to paper bags and recyclable materials so watch this space for improvements in that field from us! In the mean time we do what we can so please purchase your Farm Fresh Direct cotton Bag for life to start eliminating the plastic bags out there and also thank you so much for all the egg boxes!!  Each week we have some massive smiles from our egg farmers as they receive their weekly gift of egg boxes back!!  So from Rudy at Grace like Rain, Aleda from Kings, and Lindy from Red Barn THANK YOU!!

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