EdenFM invites parties to open discussion about Go George

edenfmEden Fm invites MEC Donald Grant, Mr Marius Fransman, Go George, the Taxi Associations and George Municipality to open Discussion about Go George

The community of George is proudly and safely driving the beautiful blue and white Go George buses to their workplaces, schools, shopping centres and back home. At last the City of George has an affordable, safe and professional public transport system for its commuters. On Friday 16 October 2015, stakeholders are invited to a proud ribbon cutting ceremony at the Conville Civic, but its seems as if below the surface things are not as calm and fine as anticipated.

On 15 October 2015 the Go George Bus services will be temporarily suspended due to a planned march by disgruntled taxi owners. This march is supported by the ANC. This is already the 3rd Go George March this year – the previous ones on 5 May 2015 and 27 July 2015, which almost turned violent and threatened the safety of Businesses and the Public. This followed the Brutal murder of Mr Tom Queba – Chief Negotiator for the GIPTN on 25 May 2014. 4 x Go George Buses were set alight on 19 August 2015 , putting the lives at risk of George Commuters.  There exist rumours of disgruntled Taxi Owners and Drivers due to the impounding of taxi’s and the court cases against owners.  The average commuter is not sure whether their lives are at risk due to the situation boiling under the surface.

Eden Fm the Regional community Radio station has invited MEC Donald Grant, Mr Marius Fransman, Go George, the Taxi Associations and George Municipality  to an open Radio discussion on Wednesday 14 October 2015 between 18h00 and 20h00 to ask the stakeholders:

  • What is threatening the George Public transport system – is an act of malicious crime or what is the reason for the conflict.
  • Is there a peaceful and amicable solution that can be found for the sake of the commuters of George.
  • There are allegations of isolation in negotiations, poor community involvement and ownership, unemployed taxi drivers – will this be addressed or is the process closed for open discussions.
  • Can the safety of the George commuters be guaranteed, and lots more.

Till now the station has received confirmation from Mr Donald Grant, Mr Fransman, Uncedo Taxi Association that they will be part of the discussion. The George Municipality has indicated that as the Municipality was not involved with the initial negotiations and the signing of the contract they will not be part of the discussion. They Municipality has indicated that they are merely supplying the infrastructure and the and the facilities for the service to operate. We have not received any indication from the Go George Management or the George Link Directors whether they will be part of the discussion.

Citizens of George can tune in to 93.8Fm to be part of the discussion, and can send a text to the studio to 45922.

Morné  Pietersen
Station Manager
Tel: 044 – 874 5085

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