How Bar Codes Can Help You Advance Your Business In South Africa

1For many business owners, selling products in a greater market area can help increase revenue and allow them to consider selling overseas or expanding their presence online.

One important step to getting to all that revenue remains ensuring that you have a valid bar code for each product that you wish to sell. Most companies that would retail your products in their stores require that you provide them with your barcode so that they can use it in their system. In South Africa, GS1 is the registering authority that has relationships that allow barcodes issued by them to be able to be used all over the world.

Getting Started Growing Your Business

When you buy a barcode from Buy Barcodes South Africa, a South African retailer of barcodes, you not only receive a GS1-certified bar code, you also receive copies of the format that you need for both major POS formats. They also verify that each code works before it is sent to you.

You can then use those barcodes in local markets, throughout South Africa, online, and in other countries. For new online vendors, one of the nice things is that you can add barcodes to your shopping cart software or use a barcode font to type it in if you are selling on a venue that does not have this functionality.

Purchase Considerations

One thing that you will want to take into consideration when you buy your barcode is that when you purchase a license through GS1, you will pay a set fee for each bar code and then have a renewal fee each year. When you buy through a reseller like Buy Barcodes South Africa, you are licensed to use the barcode for life. There is no real functional difference between the two different options. Most businesses that are purchasing online tend to use a reseller because it is convenient and they do not need to worry about remembering to renew.

Another consideration for businesses is determining how many bar codes you actually need. If possible, buy all the barcodes that you need at once because you may save money by buying in volume online at a reseller. The best way to calculate how many codes that you need is to take your product list and extend it so that there is a product for each size, style, weight, and color that you plan to sell. If you sell rugby jerseys for two teams and have two styles and three sizes for each team jersey, you will want to buy 12 barcodes.

Finally, if you are planning on selling physical products, buying a barcode printer is not always the most cost-effective way of preparing barcodes for your products. Checking prices at resellers that sell pre-printed barcode labels, like Buy Barcodes South Africa, should give you a strong understanding of your potential savings.

Buying bar codes online for your business can allow you to take the next steps that you need to in order to grow your market.

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