The Ultimate Domestic Workers Guide

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With this book we wish to fill a gap in the market regarding employing a Domestic Worker.

We are a recruitment agency for Domestic Workers, and receive numerous calls regarding matters employing a Domestic Worker and been employed as a Domestic Worker, there for the book.

We also want to ease out any  fears regarding this and want to safeguard both parties in a professional and legal manner with this book.

About this book:-


The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) found that the number of domestic workers is more or less 1,153,000.  Being in the business of supplying domestic workers for more than 20 years to many households in the Greater Pretoria region, we had many requests from employers and employees for guidance regarding employment.

After a long time of contemplating thoughts of giving out some kind of guidance or record-keeping manual with all the requirements as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, we came up with this idea in book form.

With this, the employer and the employee can have a hard copy record regarding employment and many other aspects of being a domestic worker in South Africa.

We really hope that this book with a guide on record-keeping included will be of great help to both parties involved, and we also hope that this will take out from the employer the fear of employing a domestic worker and any unreasonable practices towards the employee.

In this guide, we will direct you step by step according to what is expected by the law when you employ a domestic worker in order to ease out any fears of wrongdoing from the employer’s side and to safeguard the domestic worker from any unlawful practices being employed.

What can be found in our book:

  1. Introduction
  1. How to Find a Domestic Worker
  1. How to Use This Guide
  1. Important Contact Numbers
  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Domestic Workers
  1. Contract
  1. UIF Explained
  1. Monthly Time and Duty Sheets with Payslips
  1. Bridging the Communication Gap
  1. House-Cleaning Guidelines
  1. Laundry Guidelines
  1. Menu Planning and Preparing Shopping Lists
  1. Easy Recipes
  1. Safety and Security Guidelines
  1. How to Terminate Employment
  1. Minimum Wage
  1. Certificate of Service
  1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act Pertaining to Domestic Workers

Thank you for your valuable time and we hope that you will invest in our project.

Kind regards

Elanè vd Westhuizen and Charmaine Murray

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