Promulgation of regulation 32A of NRTR will affect all motor vehicle disc applications as of 1 November 2015

pgwcAs of the 1st of November 2015, motorists will be required to verify all personal and address particulars with any motor vehicle or driving licence transaction. This follows the promulgation of regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) on the 31st of October 2014, which comes into effect a year later.

What this means now is that any person or body of persons (companies or organisations) will be required to submit proof of full names, identity or business number and residential and postal address before any registering authority can issue a motor vehicle licence disc or operator card. This new regulation will have a direct effect on:

  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a registered manufacturer, builder, or importer.
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a title holder or owner of a registered motor vehicle.
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a holder of a motor trade number.
  • The manner of notification of a new residential and postal address, specifically relating to driving licence holders.
  • The application for, and issue of, a traffic register number and certificate.

The new regulations will require each person to provide proof of particulars (full names and identity number) and residential and postal addresses for verification when; there is a change of person particulars or change of address; or with the first application that is made for a NaTIS service at a registering authority or driving licence testing centre from 1 November onwards.

Vehicle fleet owners will be required to provide such information with the first transaction or service on NaTIS they apply for.

The Department has issued clear guidelines to registering authorities and driving licence testing centres on how to apply the new requirements and have defined exactly what proof is required for transactions to be accepted.  This should eliminate any uncertainty and streamline the process of ensuring that these vital particulars are correctly recorded on NaTIS, to the benefit of both the public and government.

Proof of address will include a utility bill issued by the municipality, telephone account or retail store account provided that it is not older than three months. For a list of acceptable documents that constitutes proof, see the website of the Department

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