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1Creating and managing your own Website with a fully functional Online Store can be costly, once SEO and Marketing is added you can spend anywhere from R25 000,00 and over during the first year of setup.

Most business’s carry large amounts of Engine Parts in stock , problem is there are too many products for a salesman to recall without a reasonable stock control system and based on this there are occasions that a client is told “I don’t have stock “, although you may have stock hidden away but your staff don’t know about it “ out of sight out of mind “

The above scenario can be costing you Millions of Rands Annually!

Salesmen push sales on Easy Selling High-Profit Products and those that their bosses tell them to push.

How many more sales are business owners going to allow to be lost within their own business’s, it happens every day, 10 times a day in most second-hand parts business’s either due to lazy individuals, lack of knowledge or the parts have been there that long that there forgotten about them.

Quick Engine PartsThink about how much money has been spent already in getting customers into your shop only to be sent away empty handed, An absolute waste of good money and Effort ……

Well, there’s an Easier, more affordable and much QUICKer way ……….

……. ….The perfect answer to your Parts Sales & Marketing woes!

At Quick Engine Parts, our focus is to assist you in selling your products via our website.

It’s that easy you post what you need to sell and bring in clients dedicated to that particular need ….

There’s nothing more frustrating than customers making contact for engine parts that you do not stock …… it makes more sense to advertise what you do have and attract customers based on that via the Quick Engine Parts Website.

Are you happy continuing to pay high print advertising costs which allow for little content, zero flexibility and products that potentially make money are not being mentioned at all?  With using Quick Engine Parts, most of your potential sales will come from your own stock on hand reducing buy-outs and potentially reducing redundant stock.  It will put Cash Flow back into your business and it’s all from parts you’d forgotten about, the old saying prevails “ One man’s scrap is another man’s gold”

We have clients selling 70% of their parts online and increased sales by more than 50% since doing this due to marketing parts directly via individual adverts. They have stopped all print marketing and concentrate on internet marketing to sell products …… WHY ? .. COZ iT WORKS.

A Full Page advert in a magazine can cost anywhere from R12 500,00 per month per publication, A year’s marketing will potentially set you back R150 000,00 to promote your business name that possibly includes a few of your top products.

Have you any idea how much money or how many sales you are making from this ???? Guaranteed no one in your business has any real clue !!!

Advertising online you have control and flexibility as adverts can be changed and updated at any time.

You receive email enquiries, texts, whatsapp’s & telephone calls for the product advertised therefore freeing your staff’s time to do things that add value to your business. Remove the frustration and your staff’s wasted time on dealing with enquiries that are not relevant to your business.

The amount of time saved in selling online in this way can be incredible and we are confident that your yearly spend of less than R5000,00 will create sales that you’ve only imagined if done smartly and regularly.

One person handling your Membership it’s simple …. Take a picture of the Part, Post a New Advert, select the criteria for your advert and it’s live in seconds …….

The days of making your phone ring through advertising has changed as you will probably find that 35 – 45% of your calls are not worth the effort, So change your Marketing views and spend money in the right areas and reap the rewards. Keep in mind that most communication is via mobile text and email anyway.

Sooooo …. Create your Business’s Virtual Online Store today and receive your FREE Lifetime Registration and 5 FREE Postings!

This is the Day & Age to be Online and seriously it’s Time to start making money from your Engine Parts the QUICK & Smart way …….

Dedicated to Engine Parts
Cost Effective
Direct Sales – Product Specific
Controlled Enquiries – to selected Sales Persons
Flexibility to Change Advert information at any time
Increase your Sales
Increase your Profitability
Increased Potential Staff Productivity
Streamline your Business – no more wasting time looking for parts you don’t have
Nationwide Sales – Sell anywhere – no longer restricted to your Province

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