Adam & Daniel Baron – Young and Wild

What initially started out as a once-off collaboration, has turned into an EP release.


After the success of ADAM and Daniel Baron’s smash hit single, SAY WHAT YOU WANT, the YOUNG AND WILD EP continues the chapter.  The EP was released by Universal Music South Africa on the 30th October 2015.

Because of the nationwide support and public demand, the first single turned into a collection of six English songs that will take the listener on an incredible journey.   From up tempo anthems to emotional ballads, this EP is bound to give you goose bumps. Throughout the EP, it is clear that both ADAM and Daniel Baron’s different sounds have joined cohesively to become something recognizable and fresh at the same time.

The follow up single, HOW, is also proving to follow in the success of Say What You Want, having been playlisted and charting on several commercial and community radio stations around South Africa.

YOUNG AND WILD carries the positive message that life is short, so we all need to kiss the ground, have a good time, fall in love, and live it up like we’re young and wild.

“When two or more minds start to collaborate and create songs, the product usually turns into something larger than expected, and working on Young & Wild, I feel we have combined our crafts to create some of the best songs we have ever written.  In the end, all that we have set out to do is create good songs that relate to where we are in our lives and they happen to be easy to sing along to. We hope the world will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”Daniel Baron

“This EP brings together two very distinct sounds in ADAM and Daniel and yet with the final product it sounds like we have been writing and performing together forever. Definitely the most exhilarating project we’ve ever worked on and with some of our most personal songs yet; combined with the production genius of Robin Kiely, makes this an album that we will forever be proud of.“ Hugo Ludik – ADAM

“I love that the guys are open to exploring the industry.  They teamed up for a song, it became a hit and now, they’re making it work to their advantage.  I’m super stoked to hear what the guys have come up with”El Broide – People Magazine

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