Jack Stone’s latest music video “The Rapture” released

JACK STONE’s latest music video ‘The Rapture’ is a new sonic journey that showcases Jack’s undoubtable progression as a songwriter and artist.


With this brand-new offering a long while in the making (and produced by Matthew Marinus from Graham Watkins), ‘The Rapture’ sees Jack Stone at perhaps his most contemplative yet, drawing inspiration from some very difficult recent personal experiences. Don’t go expecting a morose ballad, however, as Jack pulled out all the stops in crafting an accessible contemporary rock number that speaks to listeners across generations.

Regarding the inspiration to write ‘The Rapture’, Jack explains, “After a very difficult few months following the loss of someone extremely important to me, I had some time to sit back and reflect on many things in my personal capacity as well as the current state of the world we live in.”

He further states, “During this time, my mind was subconsciously twisting and turning at night swamped with dreams and memories. From this unconscious internal discourse, the song came about, though I had no idea as to what it would be about. I was just compelled to compose, offering an honest reflection of my state of mind at the time.”

As with much of Jack Stone’s music, ‘The Rapture’ – though dealing with some heavily emotional material – provides the listener with a strong sense of hope and delivers an almost cathartic aural experience. It’s a song that demands introspection and delivers a positive message about overcoming particularly difficult times in your life.

Jack elaborates, “The song is about questioning yourself – really taking the time to reflect on your current state of mind and what’s going on in your life. It’s about not giving in to apathy and wasting time, but rather taking action to change those things that are negatively affecting you – essentially ripping yourself out of a negative situation and seizing positivity… that’s where the title ‘The Rapture’ comes from.”

See the video for ‘The Rapture‘ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fKTBhckxXY

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