Blood Drive with ATKV Resorts and the South African National Blood Service

Donate-a-Lifetime-imageWe all love to celebrate at this time of year and the ATKV Resorts have decided to celebrate life by giving life.

On 24 December, they will be encouraging their guests at all seven of their resorts to donate blood, together with staff members and the various “Father Christmases”.

Ivor Hobbs, Regional Marketing Manager of the SANBS, says South Africa needs 3 000 donations a day to cover the needs around the country but donations drop over this time as schools, universities and businesses close. Group O blood type is the most sought after as it can be given to any of the other groups.

Reyno Wepener, Resort Manager at Buffelspoort, says ATKV Resorts want to help the SANBS to collect enough blood for any emergencies during the festive season, and to create a positive awareness towards donating blood.

Corporate support helps to drive the cause and also makes it more convenient for people to give. With this in mind, ATKV Resorts plans to make blood donations a regular event, especially during peak seasons.

Hobbs says, “SANBS is very excited about getting involved again with the Resort group. For years we have been doing many successful blood drives at individual resorts but this is the first time we will be doing a big national event and we look forward to generating as much awareness around regular blood donation as possible.”

By donating blood at the ATKV Resorts this Christmas, guests are sure to experience the joy of giving so much more than giving traditional gifts.

More interesting facts Hobbs made public is:
• Three Lives can be saved with just one blood donation because the donated blood is split in-to three components: red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Each of these products can be administered to patients with different conditions.
• Most people don’t know what their blood group is.
• Blood will always be in demand as it is the most common blood type.
• Blood usage goes to the following conditions:
Ø 27% – General medical treatment (Cancer)
Ø 26% – Women in childbirth
Ø 21% – Scheduled Operations
Ø 10% – Paediatrics
Ø 6% – Orthopaedics
Ø 6% – Research and Laboratory
Ø 4% – Trauma

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