Ramblings of an arty-crafter: Making a clay owl

I am an artist, delving in the world of crafts and living in the George area.  I studied art on the completion of school (some years back!) and have been asked to share my ideas, tips and whats-happening-in-the-art-world with you.  So, here goes!

I recently saw these little owls and thought them rather special – to be made in any size or colour you would like them to be.  Use them as ornaments, put a ring through the top section and use them as a keyring, or make a number of them to use as buttons.



Clay – self-drying, different colours

Pen top for the patterns


  1. Roll the clay out into a ball.  Press it down fairly thinly and cut into a circle.
  2. Use the pen top to press u-shapes over the bottom half of the clay, resembling feathers.
  3. Fold the 2 sides in until they touch, forming the wings.  Fold the top down over the wings.  Use the corner pieces to create an eye effect.
  4. Once again, use the pen top to create the owl’s face, pushing down to form the 2 eyes.  Finish off with drawing in the beak.

Now leave your little character to dry!  Should you be making buttons, remember to pierce the required number of holes, a little apart from one another, on the owl’s body before the clay has dried.

You are welcome to contact me at any time should you have ideas you want to share, information about a specific artefact that you want explained, or just to say hello.

My email address is bischoffjenni@gmail.com and I would love to hear from you.

Bye for now….. and just keep on crafting!


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