UCT Certified Mediation Training completed by Eden’s Municipal Manager

During 2015, Eden’s Municipal Manager, Mr Godfrey Louw, successfully completed Commercial Mediation training at Paarl, which was presented by UCT’s Faculty of Law.

4The five-day course was attended by 24 professionals from the Public- and Private sector; only two of those were Municipal Managers.

This training lays the groundwork for professionals who aspire to become mediators and those who use mediation to resolve disputes in their preferred areas of practice. In addition, the Department of Justice has embarked on a mediation programme with the view to reducing the workload on the criminal justice system. Mediation will therefore in future be used as a tool to minimise legal fees.

Mr Louw commented that, “This training serves as a valuable skill for managers and I would recommend other Municipal Managers and Senior Officials to complete it as well”.

Mediation is becoming more and more popular to resolve disputes in diverse fields and industries and reframes a dispute as a joint problem, rather than a battle over who is going to prevail.

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