ANC & MK activist Patrick Chamusso in fight against cancer and to send 20 students to university

Patrick Chamusso, ANC and MK member who was jailed for 10 years for the bombing of the Secunda fuel plant whilst fighting apartheid needs help in gaining votes to win a $5,000 prize for his Two Sisters children’s charity.

ancThe prize is being donated by All Star Slots as part of a charity competition they are holding with votes for Two Sisters being made at the page:

Two Sisters has not received many votes as Patrick has been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and has not been able to promote his charity’s entry into the competition.

He wants to use the money to send 20 students to university this year from the Two Sisters children’s charity he established with his wife Conney in 1999.

As Patrick has been diagnosed with cancer the future of his charity and the children it cares for is now unclear. The money from the prize fund would go a long way to safeguarding the charity’s future and sending students to university and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

I am a representative of All Star Slots and as someone with relatives in South Africa would personally like to see the prize fund go there and positively contribute to the country’s people and communities. I was also personally touched by Patrick’s story and his recent bad news and have taken it upon myself to communicate this to South African media with the hope of seeing Two Sisters win the prize and receive the money.

I implore you to give this story publicity by covering it and including a link to the Two Sisters voting page at: and encouraging your readers to give them a vote. Even give them a vote yourself.

Voting ends on 1 March 2016.

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