Two new additions to the Anthonij Rupert Wyne family

Anthonij Rupert Wyne has once again innovatively added to its range with the introduction of the unique Litchi Eau de Vie and Sagnac 2007.

1.     Litchi Eau de Vie 2.     Litchi Eau de Vie (styled) 3.     Sagnac 4.     Sagnac (styled)
1. Litchi Eau de Vie
2. Litchi Eau de Vie (styled)
3. Sagnac
4. Sagnac (styled)

The litchis for the Eau de Vie were expertly sourced and distilled at L’Ormarins, resulting in a world-class product. Richly perfumed with unmistakable pure litchi and light hints of potpourri. The same holds true for the flavour of this delicate yet complex spirit, where tropical fruit and Turkish Delight invigorate the palate. Smooth and gentle, without any harsh bite, its dry finish lingers long after the last sip has been enjoyed.

The L’Ormarins Sagnac, sourced from only the best grapes, is a beautiful light brown colour, with prominent aromas of ripe apricot, peach, fudge and caramel – the latter intensified with whiffs of leather and creamy toffee. These flavours carry through onto the palate and the aromatic impact is silky smooth and gently textured. The Sagnac displays depth of flavour, yet with complexity and an unexpected lightness. All these attributes lead to a long, rich finish.

The unique spirits, perfect for savouring on its own, are available directly from the Terra del Capo Tasting Room at R300 (Litchi Eau de Vie) and R950 (Sagnac) respectively.

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