Sedgars SWD last round fixtures

The last round of fixtures in the Sedgars SWD Premier League competition will be contested this weekend. Pirates United (63 points after 17 matches) will need to win their last match and hope that Union Stars (61 points after 16 matches) will be on the wrong side of a result in at least one of its matches this weekend. Pirates will host the George Madibaz (54 points after 17 matches) at Loerie Park on Saturday.

SEDGARS LOGOMossel Bay (55 points after 18 matches) has completed their fixtures and together with Pirates, Union Stars and NMMU qualified for the semi-finals which will be contested on 12 March. Irrespective of the results Pirates United and Union Stars will have home ground advantage in the semi-finals. Blanco (11 points after 17 matches) will be relegated to the promotion league next year.

In the Promotion League final Ramblers will take on Bongolethu at the REC on Saturday. The winner will be promoted to the premier league in 2016/17.

The summarized log positions in the premier league are (Position, Matches, Points)

1) Pirates 17-63, 2) Union Stars 16-61, 3) Mossel Bay 18-55, 4) Madibaz George 17-64, 5) Western Hope 17-42, 6) Sussex 17-37, 7) Pacaltsdorp United 17-28, 8) George 17-26, 9) Harlequins 17-25 10) Blanco 17-11

The fixtures are:


Premier League
Union Stars vs Pacaltsdorp, Blanco vs Sussex, Western Hope vs George, Pirates United vs Madibaz George

Promotion League Final (REC Ground)
Ramblers vs Bongolethu


Premier League
Harlequins vs Union Stars

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