We need more than 1 week to tackle racism – but it’s a good place to start

There are a number of initiatives to tackle the growing racial tension in our country. One of them is Anti-Racism Week, 14-21 March 2016, pioneered by the Anti–Racism Network South Africa (ARNSA).

heartlinesOf course, much more than a week is needed to combat racism – but it is a good starting point.

Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, fully supports Anti-Racism Week and all initiatives aimed at breaking down racial tension. But we also need this to continue such mobilization beyond one week …
Enter What’s your Story?

As Heartlines, we are pioneering a national campaign, What’s your Story?, an initiative that uses personal storytelling to build understanding and trust. Our ultimate aim is to promote social cohesion and reconciliation across races, cultures, classes, and all that threatens to divide us. It is a practical initiative that gives ordinary people tools to use in their daily efforts to combat racism.

Some of the tools of What’s your Story, include:

  • A digital & mobi platform featuring inspiring stories that can be shared, read, watched and listened to. This will launch at the end of Anti-Racism Week
  • Resource packs with guidelines for building cohesion through storytelling in the workplace, high school, tertiary education institutes, and places of faith
  • Intergenerational and inter-sector leadership workshops and retreats.
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