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The Knysna estuary is regarded as the most important estuary in terms of biodiversity in South Africa. It is estimated that 42% of all south Africa’s fauna and flora can be found within this Estuarine Bay.

WESSAIt is unique in that the mouth is always open to the sea and the tides replenish the estuary with 18.5million cubic metres of seawater twice a day. Surprisingly many people seem unaware of the ecological importance of this amazing stretch of water and the amount of scientific research it attracts. The estuary sustains a myriad of bird, fish and invertebrate species that call it home.

The Knysna Basin Project is an NGO based in Knysna focused on the continued conservation of the Knysna Estuary and surrounds. The project manages various research projects based in the Knysna Estuary and also run educational programmes for the local community. A greater understanding of the estuary is achieved through ongoing research – which is in turn used to manage and conserve the area.

KBP outing

Come and join the Knysna Basin Project team for an exploration of the Knysna Estuary. During the outing learn more about the Estuary and what makes it so unique. A team of volunteers are ready to introduce you to the various animals which reside in the waters of the Estuary. They will include:

  • Louw Claassens who joined the Knysna Basin Project team in February 2014. She holds a Masters degree in aquatic health from the University of Johannesburg. The Knysna Seahorse Status (KySS) project forms part of her PhD study through Rhodes University.
  • Maureen Lake, one of the volunteers, called Citizen Scientists,  who no longer practise their original professions, but bring their rich stores of experience to bear upon our study of the estuary will be another guide. Inga Chinnery, Peter Smith, Frances Smith, Mike Davies and Lorraine Cloete are actively involved in many ways, particularly environmental interests and numerical analysis of data sets.
  • A brief field guide to the common shore creatures of the Knysna Estuary will be on sale for R65 per book.
Heart Urchin
Heart Urchin

For more information on the Knysna Basin Project   (www.knysnabasinproject.co.za) or

Facebook page (www.facebook.com/knysna.basin.project/).


We would love to see families with children on this tour – an ideal way of getting up close and curious to life in the sand and water of the estuary.  And following the tour, enjoy your picnic lunch in the Steenbok Nature Reserve on Leisure Isle which is a bonus attraction!  http://www.steenboknaturereserve.org.za

Tour starts 09h30 on Saturday 9th April, ends ca. 12h30

Participation fee R80 non-members, R50 WESSA Members,  Children free. Donations welcome.

All proceeds for the benefit of the Knysna Basin Project.

Bookings contact Annemarie:   angebhar@telkomsa.net

More on WESSA – www.facebook.com/wessa.eden


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