Local start-up revolutionising security and service industries

A small start-up situated in Fourways, Johannesburg, is changing the face of security providers nationwide.

1Specialising in technical installations across the niche world of business and personal security, Security Brokerz is providing customers around the country with a ‘one-stop-shop’, working with customers to create a quality and reliable security solution customised to individual requirements.

“We offer a product agnostic broker service, with a specific focus on the SME landscape, retail, home owners and new developments,” explains Shawn Nicholls, founder and owner, Security Brokerz. What this in effect means, is that it offers security solutions from a wide range of legally compliant security providers.

“Our core focus is to customise and recommend the most appropriate solution, based on our customers’ needs, as opposed to trying to ‘push’ any particular product or solution.” Similarly, Security Brokerz is also focused on ensuring that the various product options available are on trend with latest technology providing for a high quality and reliable offering, factors that are non-negotiable within today’s security industry.

With crime a daily reality and source of concern for most, if not all, South Africans, personal and business security remains of critical importance. “Protecting one’s family, employees and assets is a nationwide priority,” continues Nicholls. “Our goal is to remove the ‘hassle’ factor, saving our customers time whilst ensuring final implementation of a solution best suited to the task at hand.”

Having achieved a turnover of R1.5m+ within its first nine months of operation, Security Brokerz has clearly hit on a winning formula, as evidenced across other industries. Nicholls goes on to cite the insurance industry as an excellent example of this type of brokered offering. “It has become the norm to interact with one company who in turn not only recommends the best solution for your needs, drawn from evaluation of a number of different product offerings but, similarly, ensures best price possible.”

Not only is Security Brokerz leading the way with this type of brokered security solution but it is also first to market with its own rented alarm offering. “Flexibility is key, and we are passionate about responding to customer demand,” continues Nicholls. As a result, in addition to its wide scope of ‘offering’ across installations, CCTV systems, armed response and guarding, Security Brokerz has launched the very first ‘rent to own’ alarm system. “It removes the need for a customer to tie itself into any one particular armed response company, thereby providing customers with the flexibility to change service providers without the risk of having the alarm removed.”

But as important as the ‘right’ security solution, Nicholls is as passionate about the world of customer service. “Companies need to remember that, ultimately, we are dealing with human beings,” adds Nicholls. This is of particular relevance within South Africa’s security industry. “Absolutely every South African who is looking for a security solution is doing so either out of a feeling of vulnerability and/ or desire to protect themselves, family members, employees or treasured possessions,” continues Nicholls. “Every engagement, from outset right through to final implementation, needs to be handled with sensitivity and respect.” Nicholls believes that the best way to do this is to ensure a premium and seamless customer experience, in turn providing peace of mind.

“It’s also about making engagement ‘easy’,” continues Nicholls. “We live in a digital world. As a result, companies need to offer customers the ability to engage via the platforms with which they are most comfortable.” To this end, prospective customers can request a quotation via a simple and easy to use web interface whilst also having the option to speak to a trained consultant.”

“I am a husband, father and business owner,” continues Nicholls. “It is my focus and priority to provide the same type of solution – comfort and peace of mind, that I myself have sought when it comes to protecting all I hold dear.”

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