Eden DM celebrates the environment – hands cheques to worthy charities

The Eden District Municipality has donated R40 000 to worthy charities.


Non-Profit Organisation, Nature's Valley Trust and Eden DM, during the handover of R10 000.00 donation by Eden DM. From left to right are: Mr Mark Brown, Ms Kellyn Whitehead, Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls, Cllr Mc Combi (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson: Community Services), Ms Chloe Brooks, Ms Brittany Arendse, Ms Audrey Bonk, Ms Selena Flores and Ms Cindy-Lee Cloete.
Non-Profit Organisation, Nature’s Valley Trust and Eden DM, during the handover of R10 000 donation by Eden DM. From left to right are: Mr Mark Brown, Ms Kellyn  Whitehead, Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls, Cllr Mc Combi (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson:  Community Services), Ms Chloe Brooks, Ms Brittany Arendse, Ms Audrey Bonk, Ms Selena Flores and Ms Cindy-Lee Cloete.

The Nature’s Valley Trust, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), received a cheque of R10 000.00 on 12 April 2016, to be used to stimulate the knowledge and development of youth through educational programmes. Environmental educational programmes have been one of the main pillars that contributed to the conservation of Nature’s Valley. These programmes embrace the natural heritage of the rich
biodiversity and natural beauty of the area.

Nature’s Valley Trust has been a true example of an NPO that develops sustainability in all the spheres of its work. Eden District Municipality’s (Eden DM) partnership with this NPO, aims to increase conservation efforts, intending to safeguard natural resources.

This NGO has had some commendable successes, through its use of past environmental education programmes and its ongoing biodiversity research. The aforementioned successes were some of the motivating factors that influenced the district to donate funds to the NPO.


Front row, (fltr): Mr Charles Basson, Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls, Councillor Henry McCombi. Middle row, (fltr): Mr Steve du Toit, Ms Annelise Vlok, Ms Wendy Crane, Mr Daan Toerien. Back row, fltr: Ms Mary Carr, Mr Hendrik Visser, Mr Willem Botha.
Front row, (fltr): Mr Charles Basson, Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls, Councillor Henry McCombi.
Middle row, (fltr): Mr Steve du Toit, Ms Annelise Vlok, Ms Wendy Crane, Mr Daan Toerien.
Back row, fltr: Ms Mary Carr, Mr Hendrik Visser, Mr Willem Botha.

Congratulations to the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR), on forming part of the international United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserves. As we move forward with the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve, The Eden DM wants to become a partner of the Biosphere Reserves in the near future.

Eden District Municipality has been collaborating with the GCBR since 2008, supporting the organisation with both funds and strategic interventions. Our collaboration continues as we donate R20 000.00 towards the War on Leaks Programme in Oudtshoorn and surrounding areas affected by drought. South Africa loses 37% of its water because of leaks; this amounts to a R7 billion loss per annum.

The War on Leaks project is currently being implemented at different municipalities around the country. The projects’ aim is to eradicate water leaks in households, schools and other public buildings, as well as to train unemployed youth with basic plumbing skills that can be used to create jobs. Our donation will be used to sustain a worthy project and to contribute to save current and future water resources. This donation was made to GCBR on 12 April 2016.


The Kos and Fynbos team with the R5 000.00 cheque donated by Eden DM. From left to right are: Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Doris Nayler, Mr Zamicebo Mgubukeli, Mr Jacob Miller, Ms Eve Stoffels, Ms Monica Vaccaro and Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls.
The Kos and Fynbos team with the R5 000.00 cheque donated by Eden DM.
From left to right are: Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Doris Nayler, Mr Zamicebo Mgubukeli, Mr
Jacob Miller, Ms Eve Stoffels, Ms Monica Vaccaro and Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls.

The Kos en Fynbos Project has enjoyed great success through its various food security projects and the sustainability of this movement has prompted Eden DM to collaborate and donate R5 000.00 to the Project on 13 April 2016.

Eden DM applauds the co-ordinators and partners of Kos en Fynbos, for not only reaching out to so many communities, but delivering the training and education for those less fortunate to establish gardens and to enjoy food security.

The donation by Eden DM will be used for the roll-out of an avocado tree project, which will assist communities in the long run.


The beneficiaries of the Eco Bricks Project with Eden DM. Fltr are: Ms Carol Levin, Mr Vernon Gibbs- Halls, Cllr McCombi and Ms Rhian Berning
The beneficiaries of the Eco Bricks Project with Eden DM. Fltr are: Ms Carol Levin, Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls, Cllr McCombi and Ms Rhian Berning

Atlas and their partners were given R5 000.00 on 15 April 2016, to use for start-up funds of a unique Eco Bricks Project.

Eden DM is proud to be a partner of this initiative, as we have an ongoing awareness campaign about the effect that plastic has on our ocean. Plastic is uniquely problematic because, it’s non-biodegradable and therefore sticks around for up to 1 000 years. Around 80 percent of marine litter, originates on land; either swept in from the coastline or carried to rivers from the streets during heavy rain via storm drains and sewer overflows. Plastic ends up in the food chain and affects human health and animal health.


Learners from Touwsranten Primary School with the Headmaster, Mr Robert Draai, Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Doris Nayler and Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls.
Learners from Touwsranten Primary School with the Headmaster, Mr Robert Draai, Eden DM
Speaker, Cllr Doris Nayler and Mr Vernon Gibbs-Halls.

Eden DM has been in collaboration, on an annual basis since 2010, with Touwsranten Primary School, about environmental awareness that includes Wetlands Day and Arbor Week.

Eden DM is proud to be associated with a school that embraces environmental education at every opportunity and incorporate of natural environment in their teaching. Only through educating youth regarding environmental matters and challenges, will we be able to secure a sustainable environment for future generations.

Since 2003 more than 10 229 schools across all nine provinces in South Africa, have participated on the WESSA Eco-Schools Programme. Over 6 000 of these schools have sustained their environmental projects for 3 to 12 years, involving more than 500 000 learners and 40 000 teachers. WESSA Eco-Schools accredits schools that make an ongoing commitment to improve their school’s environmental

As Eco School Node Co-ordinator for Eden DM, Vernon Gibbs-Halls has evaluated the work done by Touwsranten Primary School. Gibbs-Halls motivated to WESSA, that you this primary school deserves the raising of an international accreditation of the GREEN FLAG. Eden DM Salutes Touwsranten Primary School for their efforts and success. The event took place on 15 April 2016.

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