Vox Telecom drives connectivity prices down

01 June 2016, Johannesburg – Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider, Vox Telecom, has today confirmed that it will be increasing the data allocation across all of its DSL Fat Pipe usage-based products by approximately 30 percent.  The increase comes as a result of the recently announced reduction of the *IPC rate from Telkom.

Vox_Telecom_smallThe increase in allocated data is effective from 01 June 2016 and will affect all DSL Fat Pipe usage based customers.

“We continue to look for ways in which to champion reduced, and cost-effective connectivity in the local market, and this is no different.  We want to ensure that our customers feel the benefit of the prices coming down,” says Shane Chorley, executive head of Carrier and Connectivity at Vox Telecom

The company is communicating the details of the product changes directly with its customers across capped offerings.

Adds Chorley, “This is effective immediately, and our existing customers should see the impact of this re-alignment over the coming month.”

For prospective customers who are considering a move to a new service provider, the details of the packages, and pricing is available on the Vox Telecom website.

“There is no reason for customers not to feel the positive impact of reduced IPC pricing and our commitment to deliver best of breed connectivity, at the most affordable prices, remains unwavering,” concludes Chorley.

* IPC is the rate at which Telkom provides wholesale connectivity to local service providers.

Product Current Fat Pipe Data (GB) New Fat Pipe Data (GB)
ADSL Fat Pipe 75GB 75 100
ADSL Fat Pipe 100GB 100 150
ADSL Fat Pipe 150GB 150 200
ADSL Fat Pipe 200GB 200 275
ADSL Fat Pipe 250GB 250 325
ADSL Fat Pipe 300GB 300 400
ADSL Fat Pipe 400GB 400 500
ADSL Fat Pipe 500GB 500 650
ADSL Fat Pipe 750GB 750 1000
ADSL Fat Pipe 1TB 1000 1300
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