It’s all about the reward – Cashbag relaunches with bigger savings

CashBag, the cash back rewards program for online shopping, recently underwent a tune up. The site in addition to having a new look, now boasts more cash saving deals, more offers from local and international partners and more cash back in the consumers pocket.

cblogoIn July, CashBag launched its CashBag Cash Back Button – A toolbar button that simplifies the process of activating rewards when shopping online. The plugin notifies the shopper each time they visit a CashBag partner website and shows them how much they can save by activating the reward. The CashBag Button also allows shoppers to compare cash back deals right on their Google search results page.

Shop online. Get cash back
Shop online. Get cash back

Signing up to CashBag is free and opens up a world of money-saving potential. Every time a shopper makes an online purchase through CashBag, CashBag pays a portion of the checkout total back to the consumer in cash.

“We’re trying to make it as easy as possible to earn money while you shop online, as well as ensure that consumers don’t miss out on any cash back rewards. The CashBag Button notifies you that a cash back reward is available at that particular site, they click on “activate” and continue shopping. It’s that simple, no forms to fill out or points to accumulate,” states CashBag GM, Kirsty Henderson.

The company launched in 2012 with the purpose of offering cash back to its members for shopping online; the more they shopped the more they’d earn. While the goal hasn’t changed, the consumer has as well as the playing field. Although reward programs are not a particularly new phenomenon they are becoming increasingly popular. According to The 2016 Truth Loyalty Whitepaper there are over 100 loyalty programs in South Africa with accelerated activity in the last 3-5 years.

Banks, insurance providers and many large retailers offer a variety of loyalty and rewards programs; cash back rewards, points, incentives, coupons and discounts. CashBag is not encouraging consumers to add to their daily activities in order to accumulate points etc. but merely continue doing what they already do i.e. shop online. In a recent report by Word Wide Worx, online retail is around 1% of overall retail in 2016, equating to roughly R9 billion which is up from R7,5 billion from last year. Consumers are shopping online, eCommerce in South Africa is maintaining its high growth rate year on year. CashBag is simply stating – keep on shopping and get rewarded for it.

CashBag rewards can be bundled together with other online loyalty and reward programs accumulating to considerable earning potential for the consumer. The Brandmapp Survey 2015 states, economically active South African consumers currently belong to an average of 4.6 loyalty programs meaning, CashBag members are able to earn cash back, loyalty points and discounts in one purchase from the various programs that they belong to. Every quarter consumers are then paid their cash back accumulated in their CashBag account.

CashBag offers cash back on everything from travel and accommodation both locally and abroad to fashion, homeware, gadgets and health and beauty. Boasting over 100 online offers and rewards of up to 30% cash back, savvy shoppers are able to earn cash back on just about any purchase they make online.

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