Quivo.co is the leading source for online news in Colombia

Colombia launched an innovative news portal Quivo.co. This modern resource has immediately attracted the attention of all users. More than 20 thousand people have already signed up for the site newsletter in the first week of its work. According to these indicators, the resource will soon be fixed on top in all news ratings.


Now all the relevant, objective and useful information about Colombia can be immediately found in one place. News portal Quivo.co has been gaining popularity rapidly, owing to the efficiency, relevance and objectivity in presenting information.

Every day more than fifty news, various specialist`s comments, analytical reviews, photos and video from various events are published on Quivo.co. All of them are directly related to all aspects of life in Colombia. The creators of the site have specially developed a new system of publishing news and analysis. Now Colombians can receive a maximum of information from the single news. Moreover, those readers who usually like to start their morning with a cup of coffee and long reads will now have this perfect possibility with this site.


For your convenience, all the information at Quivo.co news portal is gathered in 10 sections. This is Business, Politics, Culture, Sports, Science, Buzz, Health, Showbiz and Entertainment, and Local news.


Therefore, each user will always be able to find materials to his/her liking. If a person is urgently looking for work in Colombia or wishes to learn the latest news in the field of culture, there are corresponding sections on the website. Devotees of high-quality economic analytics can always find objective materials in this area. If you are interested only in politics, there is constantly plenty of news on the topic in the relevant section. Quivo.co journalists do their best that you receive the latest daily information from different sources and points of view.

The best editors of Quivo.co select only the most necessary materials for you, despite the fact that the flow of information is rather huge. Professional journalists, cameramen, and bloggers, who cooperate with the new resource, have already shown how seriously they treat their work.

If you like chatting with other users in comments, Quivo.co is happy to provide you with such an opportunity. The site also has a well-structured commenting system. All readers as well have the spectacular opportunity to share all the news on such popular social networks as Facebook and Twitter.

The design of the new site is both pleasing and functional. The navigation system is undoubtedly user-friendly. In this case, minimalism pleasantly meets convenience.

At the moment, all the content of the site is available only in Spanish. According to the creators of the project, most of the materials and news will also have been accessible in English by the end of 2016.

For all users who want to get the most timely and objective information about life in Colombia, we strongly recommend Quivo.co.

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