Eden Air Quality Weather Station

The Eden District Municipality’s (Eden DM) Air Quality Unit recently commissioned a Weather Station in Mossdustria, Mossel Bay.

IMG-20160819-WA0004The station was erected on the same premises as the South Cape Ostrich Tannery (SCOT). This is a secure location, with 24 hour security and the electricity supply is provided by SCOT. The location is also free of overhead obstacles and nearby buildings that could influence the weather readings.

The weather station can measure all the important weather parameters, such as wind speed and direction, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation and temperature. Weather information is an essential tool for Air Quality Management and Dispersion Modelling Studies. The installation of the weather station was highlighted as a requirement in the Eden DM Air Quality Management Plan.

State of the art technology is used and all data is recorded on an electronic data logger.  This allows the Eden DM Air Quality Unit, to download data directly from the station onto a laptop, or direct wireless communication. “This will also assist with complaints dealing, so that when we receive an air quality related complaint, we can almost immediately determine the weather parameters that could assist us in determining the possible source of pollution,” said Dr Johann Schoeman, Manager: Air Quality Control. The station may also assist Industry in that region with better planning of activities that may cause a nuisance to the surrounding businesses.

Eden DM wants to thank SCOT for allowing the installation on their premises and for the electricity supply.  A word of thanks also goes to C&M Consulting Engineers, for the commissioning of the station.

Furthermore, it is with pleasure that Eden DM Community Services announces that they are also in the process of procuring a Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Station, which will assist and improve the general air quality management of the district.

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