Food Network Celebrity Chef Jenny Morris – DStv Delicious Q&A & Recipe

31.What can fans expect to see on the Food Network stand this year?

Reza and I. Will be have a lot of fun together with our wonderful supporters, lots of “Edutainment”

2.What musical acts are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?  

Macy Gray

3.What are you most looking forward to at the 2016 Delicious Festival?

It’s a great opportunity to connect with our supporters, so looking forward to the music and I’m sure we will be tasting up a storm.

4.You have described Reza as your “Soul Mate in Food”, what makes your bond such a special one?  

We both have integrity, no ego and we really care for each other and have been real friends for years, we respect each other’s talent and are always there for one another, we never feel threatened by each other. We have a love of fresh ingredients and love the same flavours and still get excited by a perfectly ripe perfumed peach.

5.  Music and food go hand in hand, which meal and what artist would you pair to create the ultimate dining/music experience, and why?

I would pair Hugh Laurie with some fabulous Cajun Cuisine….that man can sing the blues, he makes my liver quiver, I think Cajun would do it for him.

6.Travel Channel is also going to be at Delicious Festival this year, what is one destination you have always wanted to go to, and have never been to?

Australia has been on my wish list for ever.

7.How high is food on your priority list when choosing a holiday destination?

Right UP there!!!!! It’s what makes me want to visit a country.

8.People from all around the globe are tuning in to Food Network to catch their daily dose of Jenny & Reza, what is it in your opinion that makes your show so universal?

It’s unpretentious, user friendly and funny and informative.

9.Local is always lekker, what is your favourite local dish?

Anything with Pap.

10.What’s next for Jenny Morris?

A new cook book, expanding my restaurant brand and more television.

11.The Jackson 4 are headlining this year’s Delicious Festival, if you had the opportunity what would you cook for them? 

I think it would have to be my famous potato pap tart topped with chakalaka and Championship Boerewors…

12.Who are the four people that would make up your perfect dinner party?

Hugh Laurie, Megan Trainor, Rick Stein and Whitey Basson.

13.What is your favourite Food Network show?

Haaaaaaa it would have to be The Jenny Morris Cooks Series…

  1. What is your favourite Travel Channel show?

Bizarre Foods


1.One ingredient I ALWAYS have in my kitchen is, garlic can’t live without that stinking rose, so tasty and ever so healthy. 

2.If I had to prepare one dish for the rest of my life, it would be, a chunk of any firm fleshed white fish drenched in buttery lemon butter topped with deep fried capers, chopped parsley, chives and chilli. 

3.My top hosting tip is, keep it fresh, keep it seasonal, keep it simple, local and delicious and don’t over engineer your food. 

4.You would be surprised to know that I do not eat, kidneys, can’t stomach them. 

5.The most bizarre thing I have ever eaten is, a snake, live grass hoppers, scorpions, beetles, crickets….and then some! 

6. am terrified of, RATS!!!!!!! 

7.My favourite local restaurant is, Chuck Yangs Chinese Restaurant in Rondebosch Cape Town. 

8.If I auditioned for Idols I would sing, All about the Bass. 

9.My favourite holiday destination is, Thailand it’s so tasty and affordable. 

10.You need to catch me on Food Network, DStv Channel 175, because, it’s the channel that entertains and has food at its heart.

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