BOKAMOSO | Two months after LGE2016, it is clear the ANC has taken the low road

History will mark the 2016 election as a pivotal moment in SA’s political development. No one foresaw the ANC losing so much of its urban support as to lose control of three powerful metros and fall a full eight percentage points nationally, bringing the party to a point where losing power in 2019 is a distinct possibility.

bokomosoAn outcome so threatening to the ANC’s future prospects was bound to catalyse a significant reaction. It seemed obvious that the ANC had reached a high road / low road fork, prompting either pragmatic self-reform, or a hastening towards populism and kleptocracy, as alternative strategies for self-preservation.

Two months in, it is clear the ANC has taken the low road. Since the election, and at a staggering rate, the ANC government has taken or allowed high level decisions that scale up the pace of state capture, patronage, corruption and cadre deployment that have become the hallmarks of Zuma’s ANC.

Click here to keep reading and find out why I think a loss of power nationally is the only way to cure the ANC of its worst afflictions.

Mmusi Maimane

DA Leader

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