Citroën Cactus parts cheapest in rand terms, Kinsey Report shows

Although the Cactus represents a  futuristic take on 21st century motoring, it still has some good, old-fashioned values that will appeal to the sensibilities.

001-off-my-wheelsBrian Joss- Notably the price of its parts and in the 2016 Kinsey Report it is the C4 Cactus’ rivals that have been found wanting, Citroën pointed out.  In the latest stats and data accumulated by parts pricing guru, Malcolm Kinsey, the Cactus led the way in the Compact Crossover category. Despite there being just four cars in it, the competition was exceptional tough with a mere five percent separating first and last place, judged on the price of all items in the basket as a percentage of the retail price. The parts were also the cheapest in actual rand terms.

Spares:  Cactus “leads the way” in crossover category. Picture: Motorpress
Spares: Cactus “leads the way” in crossover category. Picture: Motorpress

Even more heartening was the fact that the C4 Cactus missed the podium just a year ago. Yet this is no flash in the pan for the brand. As has been the case since the start of the decade, the famed double-chevron has proved to be a well-rounded member of the motoring landscape and capable of pleasing consumers with substance and style.

The funky DS3 was the brand’s flagbearer for a number of years and in 2014 won the Supermini segment, having made the podium in 2012 (it wasn’t evaluated in 2013). The mechanically-similar Citroën C3 was fourth in the same class in 2010 and 2011, and in 2013 the C4 Aircross just missed out on a podium in the Crossover segment – with 15 cars from different brands easily the most competitive segment of the market at that time.

The Kinsey Report has become an essential tool for savvy motorists who seek to calculate the real cost of owning a car, and for the last 20-plus years has been lifting the lid on what franchised dealers charge for parts. The prices of 35 common items across three categories (service, maintenance and ‘crash’) are compared.

The ongoing success in the survey is proof once again that the long-term ownership experience with the brand is as enjoyable as the driving experience every Citroën provides, the manufacturer said.

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